Editor’s Pick: Fox on Biden Avoiding Interviews for Months

On Thursday, Fox News Digitial’s senior editor David Rutz, media reporter Brian Flood, and media reporter Joseph Wulfsohn reported: “President Biden has been a hard man to find, at least when it comes to solo television interviews. Biden hasn’t done a formal, sit-down television interview since he spoke with NBC’s Lester Holt on Feb. 10 – 78 days ago.”

They pointed out how “In his first year in office, Biden did just 22 formal sit-downs, compared to Donald Trump’s 92 and Barack Obama’s 156, according to data from Towson University’s White House Transition Project.” The piece noted one possible reason for Biden’s reticence to sit down for interviews: “Over the past two months, news has broken about Hunter Biden’s emails and business dealings, which would put President Biden in the position of answering questions about them if cornered in a solo interview.”

Fox News has full access to the article.  

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