Editor’s Pick: Federalist on WashPost Urging Gamers Speak on Abortion

On Friday, The Federalist’s assistant editor Kylee Zempel reported: “The Washington Post was pretty proud of itself on Thursday after two of its writers kicked their abortion activism into gear and reached out to 20 major video game companies, trying to get them on the record in support of Roe v. Wade and the taking of innocent human life in the womb — including whether they would help employees pay for it.”

She quoted the article’s co-writer Nathan Grayson bragging on Twitter: ““NEW: [Shannon Liao]Over 20 videogame companies were contacted by me to find out if they would be willing to support reproductive rights and provide financial aid for employees. A few of them said yes. most said nothing at all.” Zempel observed: “The duo seemed disturbed that game companies weren’t more outraged and outspoken at the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion indicating the landmark abortion case will likely soon be struck down, writing, ‘most of the video game industry’s biggest companies have remained conspicuously quiet.’”

The Federalist has the complete article..

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