CBS’s ‘King of Sitcoms’ Chuck Lorre Resumes Liberal Ranting via His Vanity Cards

CBS viewers have been having fun with an extended reprieve from seeing liberal rants after their favourite sitcoms by way of producer Chuck Lorre’s self-importance playing cards. That reprieve got here to an finish on Thursday when, following Younger Sheldon, Lorre’s 706th card aired, ranting about his “hatred” and “rage” in direction of Senate Minority Chief Mitch McConnell.



The episode of Younger Sheldon that preceded the cardboard, “White Trash, Holy Rollers and Punching Individuals,” boarded on bigotry in direction of Christians regardless of there being a reprieve from Lorre’s politics on the present, as properly.

Let’s hope he’s not backsliding and that we received’t be subjected to additional rants and lectures, whether or not on his sitcoms or his self-importance playing cards. He’s made it clear the place he stands. Nobody must be reminded of it, least of all viewers who need to be entertained minus the propaganda.

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