Editor’s Pick: Blaze on Rubin Blasted for Defense of Biden Economy

On Monday, The Blaze’s Carlos Garcia reported on how “Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin was hammered on social media for giving a defense of the economy under President Joe Biden in her newest column.” He noted her laughable claim “that if inflation were not a factor that Biden’s ‘economic performance’ would be ‘unmatched.’”

“Critics of the Biden administration took to Twitter to excoriate Rubin for the nonsensical economic defense,” Garcia added. He then highlighted people on social media hammering her over the comments, including Brien Riedl of Manhattan Institute, who declared: “This article is incoherent. Much of Biden’s ‘extraordinary’ economic accomplishments (like rising nominal wages) are just side effects of rising prices. You cannot divorce the two & act like inflation is some separate branch that can be cut off while keeping the good stuff.”

The Blaze has the complete article.

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