Disturbing Video From Black Nationalist Subway Shooter Revealed as FBI Gets Egg on Its Face Again – Opinion

Per RedState’s reporting, we know a lot more about the man who allegedly donned a gas mask, popped a smoke grenade, and started shooting people in a New York City subway on Tuesday.

The man’s name is Frank R. James, and his political leanings appear to be highly relevant to why he carried out the attack. Further, he was known to the FBI but “cleared” in 2019 of posing any kind of threat, and shock of all shocks, the authorities are once again pretending the motive here is a total mystery.

Remember that the Waukesha massacre attacker, who ran his SUV through a Christmas parade and killed six people including one child, was also a vocal black nationalist and had spoken out about white supremacy. We have not received an official explanation of his motives to this day. This case is likely to repeat the same fate. The FBI seems to be reluctant to name crimes which may not prove convenient to the left. After all, this is the same FBI that called the 2017 Congressional baseball shooting a “suicide by cop” until they were forced to change the designation nearly five years later.

However, it is clear that James had radical political and racist leanings. Another video has surfaced that includes him talking about white and black people needing to be segregated while asserting that white people are “angry” because black people are no longer slaves.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never found myself mad that black people aren’t enslaved anymore as they were going on two centuries ago. But, this narrative is not only popular with far-left activists but also Democrat politicians. It was Joe Biden (the current US President) who claimed that Mitt Romney, then the GOP Presidential nominee, wanted to resale black Americans.

Is it any wonder that some people are influenced by the message of one side telling another that they have been oppressed and victimized? I mean, that’s the argument the left makes about the right constantly. Doesn’t it apply both ways? To suggest it doesn’t is to be illogically hypocritical.

There’s also another part of this, which is that black nationalism is typically intertwined with antisemitism. Just prior to James’ attack, another man went on a rampage against Hasidic Jews in New Jersey. Court documents now reveal that he felt they were “devils” and that he also had black nationalist views.

Are you concerned that Democrats’ constant rantings about Israel and Zionism may have contributed to this kind of unfounded hysteria towards Hasidic Jews. While you have actual Democrat Congresswomen accusing Jews for committing genocide towards the Palestinians, there are also real Democrat Congresswomen. Or do words not matter when it’s someone on the left stoking violence?

Returning to the FBI, though, they’ve got egg on their face once again. They’ve got time to entrap people in a fake kidnapping plot right before the 2020 election, but not to even acknowledge that black nationalism is a problem. Multiple attacks have occurred in the last year. FBI Dir. Christopher Wray will go before Congress to declare that the ideology is a threat, just like he did for white nationalism. Don’t bet on it. Instead, the FBI will continue to conceal information because it is politically important.

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