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At CNN, things aren’t going according to plan for Chris Wallace. In what has to be considered the worst career move of all time, he went from Fox — the number one cable news network — to CNN, land of the fake news that has trouble finding viewers. Jeff Zucker lured Wallace to anchor a CNN+ program. However, Zucker was forced to resign in scandal following an affair and further implosion on the Cuomo affair. Wallace was wrong. He should have known it would have been a trainwreck even without the Zucker/Cuomo debacle because they already weren’t honest. But that didn’t stop Wallace.

Now, according to a report, he’s throwing daily tantrums over how bad it is.

Chris Wallace is “having daily breakdowns” over the “miserable launch” of CNN+, according to the report. He wants a “CNN show or is threatening to walk” they go on. According to the report, he is asking staffers to count how often his promo plays per day. He’s even making noises about Chris Cuomo’s slot.

Wallace was so envious. CNN+’s first two weeks have seen it struggle to attract more than 10,000 users daily. That’s lower than some poorly performing YouTube accounts and it says a lot about what people think of CNN. That means that it’s far worse than just a regular failing CNN show, which might at least get a several hundred thousand. The service doesn’t even get those numbers.

Jeff Zucker destroyed the brand that they used to have by becoming a Democratic opinion site, and it’s unlikely such a streaming service can bring it back. They think people will be drawn in by this. I’m not hearing anything I would want to see, and if I’m not, I’m willing to bet a lot of others feel the same way. Plus, what conceit that CNN thinks people are going to pay more to get what they already don’t want to see for free. Wallace is another example of this conceit. He thinks people would pay money for him to speak to them. Not to mention that any of the small handful of Democrats who might want to watch the streaming service probably wouldn’t watch him because he’s a former Fox host, even though he is a Democrat. Indeed, I’m surprised that they could even get 10,000 to watch the service.

It’s a mess and frankly, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving, pretentious fellow than Chris Wallace. He didn’t know how good he had it at Fox, where they were willing to tolerate his pontificating. He believed that only people would listen to what he had.

CNN could only save itself if it cared enough to be more than a Democratic Party arm. But it’s probably too late at this point because they lost all credibility. And it’s likely too late for Wallace as well at this point. It’s delicious to eat the karmic implosion.

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