Disney Continues To Be Woke In A New Thor Movie Trailer

In the age of modern movies, wokeness has become a commonplace. A once-mainstream industry in American culture has been reduced to a propaganda tool of the left. Disney has become one of the most prominent promoters of wokeism, as seen in a trailer for its new movie “Thor: Love and Thunder.” 

This is the fourth Thor movie. It’s a clear example of American companies making woke movies. Thor Love and Thunder makes Thor’s male protagonist, Thor, play by Christopher Hemsworth to be a servile of the woke mob. John F. Trent from Bounding Into comics criticizes this film’s disrespect for its characters and their ability to make crass jokes. The trailer shows Thor as weak and obsessed with his ex-girlfriend (who has the exact same title in the trailer) “From there, the trailer gets even more cringe as it depicts Thor as a man pining over Foster as he knows how long it has been since they broke up down to the day,” writes Trent. The trailer gets worse as, for a cheap laugh, the god Zeus flicks off Thor’s disguise, leaving Thor completely nude and disrespected. 

Male protagonists in films have always been respected and powerful since the beginning of cinema. The stereotype of a male hero in the 1980s was that he was tough, buff and tough. These were not witty one-liners, but characters who exemplified masculine virtues were valued and respected. Today’s male cinematic heroes are not able to reflect these traits and instead they are treated like entertainment jokes. Another example of how woke companies are trying to discredit the archetype of the male hero is in this new Thor trailer. This trailer follows the blockbuster hit movie “Avengers: Endgame,” which depicted Thor as a fat, beer-drinking, depressed man instead of a strong, determined, and courageous man. Yet another case of the woke movie industry making heroes weak in order to placate their audience. 

It’s not surprising. Marvels Studios President Kevin Fiege hopes diversity and wokeness will become the standard in Hollywood. The new Thor film is no exception. “Looking at the remarkably positive experiences we’ve had making sure that the room where it happens is not a room full of people that all look the same,” Fiege said “When that’s not the case, when there are people from various backgrounds and genders, stories are better.” According to Fiege, diversity comes before quality stories. 

Despite this not being an obvious issue, the movie industry plays a significant role in the culture war. Film is a great source of life-lessons, for better and worse. More people will choose to support policies that are woke. A young generation was inspired by cinematic heroes to become better men. Now movies like “Thor: Love and Thunder” show that the strong, silent types are long gone.


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