Disgusting Video Shows Los Angeles Mob Drag Driver From Crashed Car Before They Rob and Beat Him – Opinion

California will hold its primary election on June 7th. Crime is top of mind for Californians. Prop 47, deceptively titled the “Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act,” has been responsible for the plethora of shocking crime spree videos coming out of the Golden State. This has proved to be a highly unpopular choice as violent and petty crime has increased in the state over the past two years.

On top of the Prop 47 madness, law enforcement is still reeling from massive budget cuts due to the “Defund the Police” movement, and draconian COVID vaccination requirements have pushed even more officers out of the profession.

Walking in any city of the state’s major cities will expose you to open-air drug markets and drug paraphernalia, as well as people who are addicted to drugs. These addicts can be found lying anywhere, from the curbs of parks to the streets. People who are unconscious can be the worst case scenario. The powerful combination of methamphetamine and fentanyl has created drug addicts that are violently addicted. They sometimes assault residents or engage in sexual acts in the public. Many Californians have become almost numb to the sight of it all, it’s just that common. The political class has no one to turn to for help or sanity.

It is difficult to call the Los Angeles situation other than animalistic in some areas.

Street People of Los Angeles is a popular social media account that documents the current insanity of California’s streets, for all to see. They shared another disturbing video Tuesday that shows the depravity in the streets of Los Angeles.

Skid Row is a place where a driver crashed his convertible. The bystanders immediately intervened to assist him.

Just kidding.

They mobbed the driver, who then apparently attempted to speed away, unfortunately crashing into other vehicles and incapacitating his vehicle, at which point the mob looted the man’s car, then dragged him from the driver’s seat and beat him.

We don’t have much context for this video beyond that. Who knows why that man was there, if the car was his, or if he’d had previous incidents with the locals. Skid Row, a drug-dealer and gang free zone in the open air market for drugs, is called “Skid Row”. Maybe there was some prior contact. We can’t know.

We do know that the Democrat-led Los Angeles is now the most dangerous human zoo. The fact that someone was able to record this incident for so long, laughing while filming, with no security, law enforcement or even a single good Samaritan in sight…well, that should tell you something about the state of the state California.

Gavin Newsom is the only Democrat politician to own this.


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