Disgusting: Biden DoE Hire Defended Underage Gay Prostitution Website in Op-Ed

Biden’s Administration is known for having a record of questionable hirings within its bureaucracy. This includes Sam Brinton who was employed in January 2022 at the Office of Nuclear Energy. He has been criticized for being a radical LGBT person. As if it couldn’t get any worse, The National Pulse recently revealed on July 5 in an exclusive that Brinton had defended an underage gay prostitution website targeted by feds in an op-ed published to LGBT website Advocate in 2015. 

Brinton’s January hire was mired in controversy as the details of his extremely disturbing lifestyle began to surface. He has the whole litany of degenerate affectations, including using ‘they/them’ pronouns, having “animal sexuality” and enjoying “gay uncle BDSM,” according to Lifesite News. Yes, he enjoys animal fetishes like “puppy play,” which involve pretending to be dogs. This is what I would do if I could.

Officially, the bar has been set for government posts at a new low.

The National Pulse revealed that Brinton defended “Rentboy.com,” an illegal gay prostitution website shut down by the DHS in 2015, in an op-ed where he argued that the shuttering of “Rentboy.com” was “more dangerous than the website ever was,” and “The rent boys weren’t harming anyone. Now, these young men could have to return home to the communities or homes that rejected their identity. And that’s when the real danger begins.” 

This website openly requested gay sex from underage males, yet the man still finds it acceptable to act as a spokesperson for them. This should tell you what kind of person he/she, or anyone else is.

The Federal Government revealed in an indictment that “Rentboy.com” routinely “described the age verification process as a ‘gray area’” said the National Pulse on the indictment. In particular, Rentboy.com employees said in reference to underage concerns in Asia markets, “In Asia ok to approve them … unless you see a baby … : ),” according to The National Pulse. 

The indictment also stated that a “Rentboy.com” employee, “suggested to [him] to crop the faces of those super young escorts,” so as to not arouse suspicion about underage solicitation. 

Brinton would even die for that hill. A true moral role model.

So a ‘gender-fluid’ man with a fetish for animals defended a fed-shuttered gay prostitution site that regularly dismissed concerns about selling out children to be sexually exploited has been in employment by the Biden administration since January. 

This should give you all the information you need about the moral and credibility of the White House.

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