Democrats Prepare to Shank Anti-Trumper Adam Kinzinger in the Back – RedState

If Adam Kinzinger, MSNBC Republican and rabid anti-Trumper, thought his conciliatory attitude toward the left the last several years was going to save him, he’s about to learn a tough lesson. Democrats will be shoring him up with a revised redistricting plan in Illinois, which removes him from his congressional seat.

It’s a possibility that Kinzinger has previously dismissed but is now becoming a reality. Only three Republican seats will be left on the next map, shifting the state’s 13D-5R status to 14D-3R. Illinois lost one seat as a result of declining population.

You have to credit Democrats for being good stewards of the public purse. It doesn’t matter that they are hypocrites in gerrymandering. They will do whatever it takes to get power. Red states in redistricting are foolish not to do the same. North Carolina Republicans should be crazy about removing as many Democrat members as possible. In losing to an opponent who is so detrimental to the nation, it is not an honor.

The Democrats of Illinois didn’t care at all that Kinzinger had voted for them over the past several years on many issues, including Donald Trump. They chose the fastest route to eliminate Republican seats and did not attempt to include Kinzinger among the Republicans that were left.

Ironically, given the trouble Liz Cheney is in back in her state of Wyoming, we could see both of Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Republicans out of Congress a little over a year from now. Because it is the last thing that they will do, I think it was worth my time on the January 6th Committee.

There’s a lesson in here somewhere, though, I expect Kinzinger will not learn it. You can virtue signal to the left all you want, but the moment you are no longer useful to them, they will throw you away like yesterday’s garbage. Kinzinger may get that cable news job that he longs for. Because he’s going to need it.

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