Trump ‘Comforts’ Democrats Freaking About His National Emergency: ‘Everybody Hurts, Sometimes’

“You literally don’t care one bit about the U.S. Constitution.”

Say what you will about President Donald Trump, but he is not blind to the anguish of his adversaries.

Two weeks ago, the president gave his Sate of the Union speech to the agitation and scowling of Democrats. He saw their pain.

On Friday, as soon the president announced a national emergency at the southern border (“invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people,” being cited as reason), liberals nation-wide crumbled in dread-tinged despair.

Once again, Trump saw their pain.

So before long he shared a video on Twitter to show that being on opposite sides of the political arena does not rule out sympathy.


The video, created by conservative meme maestro Carpe Donktum, is an edit of SOTU highlights showing the president mussitating to REM’s “Everybody Hurts,” as Democratic lawmakers (as well as Trump frenemy Mitt Romney) gawk in melancholy.

As always, liberal commenters knew how to take the joke.

“Mueller is coming,” wrote one commenter.

“You literally don’t care one bit about the U.S. Constitution,” wrote another. “Posting a video with nice music, doesn’t turn a monster into an angel.”

And others that went straight to the classics: Border control isn’t an emergency! Guns are!

As Mr. Donktum himself noted, several liberal outlets took notice, but at least one did know how to join in on the joke.

To be fair, is a meme a sign of a healthy democracy? Who knows. Probably not? (But it might all be worth it if everyone started taking themselves just a notch less seriously.)

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