Dem Leader’s ‘Deplorable’ Moment Demonizing Americans for Their Beliefs on Abortion – Opinion

Democrats want to make use of the leakage from the SCOTUS draft opinions to rally their base and get them out to vote in November.

But in the process, they’re also revealing to Americans just how extreme they have become. Joe Biden claimed that the “MAGA” people were the most extreme group in American history without seeming to care that he just attacked and demonized millions of Americans in a “deplorable” moment, reminiscent of what Hillary Clinton did in her race against President Donald Trump.

Now, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), the chair of the House Democratic Caucus and the guy who wants to succeed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), just attacked the Supreme Court and called people who supported the pro-life position a “cult.”

“You stand on the side of the Constitution,” Jeffries said. “Or you stand on the side of the cult which wants to impose its values on the rest of us.” He also attacked the Court calling it “radical.”

So he just called the millions of people who are pro-life a “cult.” Pro tip to Democrats? You don’t help your cause for November by going down a list and checking off people to offend. Well, you do help Republicans.

But just like Joe Biden, Jeffries is blowing up another norm — attacking the Court’s anticipated decision rather than accepting it. He claims to be on the side the Constitution. He also is falsely painting the decision as well — the decision would put the matter back in the hands of the people to vote on in the states. It’s the very “democracy” that the Democrats are always screaming about and claiming they want to protect, rather than in the hands of the Supreme Court. Except when it doesn’t serve their agenda. It’s the exact opposite of what he’s claiming.

So let’s talk about who’s being extreme here and trying to “impose [their] values on the rest of us.”

In an attempt to intimidate Supreme Court justices, Leftists are attacking their residences in order to get them voting as they wish. Joe Biden and the Democrats not only haven’t condemned that, but they’re also encouraging it by whipping up the anger and lying about the decision. As we’ve noted, they may want to check the law. Protest is protected. However, intimidating a judge at court or in their home to change his/her mind about a case is illegal.

Leftists are also attacking the justices for their religion and planning on invading churches to scream and harass people during services, starting on Mother’s Day. Democrats did not condemn this. The White House explicitly refused to condemn going to the justices’ homes. Are Democrats sure this will be a popular choice with the majority of Americans?

Also, who are the extremists? Are there any extremists among us? Is it the people who want to make people do whatever they like? Hint: It isn’t the people on the right. If Democrats think they’ll win in November by insulting millions, they have another thing coming.

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