Dem Just Might Win Prize for Most Ignorant Comment Ever on Assault Rifles – Opinion

Guns are a problem for many Democrats. They seem to think that an AR-15 is the same thing as a machine gun, it’s a “weapon of war,” and they refuse all reality when people try to inform them otherwise.

On occasion, some of them show off just how ignorant they are, such as when Joe Biden claimed that a 9 mm handgun could blow a lung out of someone’s body. This was a fantastic comment and it is possible that there are many ignorant Democrats competing for the worst comment. However, Rep. Lucy McBath (D–GA), may just have surpassed Joe Biden’s record for ignorant comments. It’s a bonus that she did it in a Congressional Hearing, which means her absurd comment may be published on the Congressional Record.

“With assault rifles, exit wounds can be a foot wide,” McBath declared. “The victim’s skull explodes on impact. The skull explodes on impact, causing organs to burst and bones to shatter. There is a reason we never see the images after a mass murder—many of the bodies no longer exist.”

Wow. Are exit wounds one foot in width? What is it — a cannon? I’m fascinated at the mystical powers that “assault rifles” have that can make a body disappear.

It’s not good when people are shot, we can all stipulate to that. However, this attempt to denigrate guns and make reality seem prettier is to justify why they should be banned. It’s even untrue what she says about handguns, as she tries to contrast them favorably to “assault rifles.”

You can’t lie about your argument if you do. But this is what Democrats have constantly done on this issue and this is why some of them are so uninformed — they believe their propaganda rather than the reality.

The problem is that folks who spout things like this are responsible for making laws and that lunacy translates into those laws because they don’t understand the facts themselves.

McBath was surrounded by people who had fun with Twitter.

We are grateful to Rep. McBath for the laugh of our day. You can now resign and allow someone with more knowledge to take your place.

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