David Hogg Comes Out as a Male Feminist – The Replies Are a Bloodbath

“Time for someone to go to bed.”

No longer content with gun control activism, David Hogg has emerged as an outspoken male feminist.

Hogg got warmed up on Saturday by retweeting a female feminist’s complaint that men are “exhausting.” Then, he went all in, boldly declaring: “Fuck the patriarchy.”

Almost 17,000 Twitter users “liked” the tweeted, but the replies were brutal.

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A number of people, including right-wing commentator John Hawkins, pointed out that as a white man headed to Harvard University in the fall, Hogg had just “fucked” himself.

Others attributed Hogg’s outburst to sexual frustration.


One man suggested Hogg’s testicles had yet to drop.

There was a lot of sarcasm about Hogg’s “edginess.”

Christina Hoff Sommers, a conservative philosopher and critic of feminism, suggested it was past Hogg’s bedtime.

But rebel that he is, Hogg stayed up and kept tweeting for social justice.

Feminism is just one of many “intersectional” causes Hogg has embraced since surviving the Parkland shooting and coming to national attention as a face of the student-led March for Our Lives gun control movement. Others include Black Lives Matter, vaccines, LGBT rights, and self-care.

Looks like he’s ready for Harvard.

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