Dave Chappelle Attacked on Stage – What Happens Next?

Journalists and the left have attacked Dave Chappelle’s jokes. The furor didn’t start with The Nearer, the comedian’s most recent Netflix special, but it picked up sizable momentum following its Oct. 5, 2021 release.

Long story short: Chappelle yukked about the trans community in ways said community, and its “allies,” didn’t like.

Were we not just able to see the inevitable results of all that anger?



A man attending Chappelle’s May 3 appearance at It Hollywood Bowl rushed the stage, weapon in hand, and attacked the comedian. Chappelle wasn’t hurt, and the Netflix Is a Joke Festival tour carried on after security found, and apparently, pummeled the attacker.

The assailant is now in custody.

PEOPLE has received confirmation from the LAPD that Isaiah Lee (23 years old) was charged with felony assault using a deadly weapon. One LAPD spokesperson says the weapon was “a replica handgun with a knife,” describing it as a “replica handgun-slash-knife.”

Ironically, Chris Rock performed in the same evening. Will Smith was known to have slapped Rock at the Oscars ceremony, March 27, 2017. Saturday Night Live alum told a joke about Smith’s wife.

Physically attacking comedians isn’t a pattern. Yet. It’s still alarming to see similar events so close to each other. If you’re a comedian the logical question is clear: “Am I next?”

Here’s the larger picture.

Celebrities will begin to increase their security staffs in response to the Chappelle attack. For the Joe Rogans or Tim Dillons around the globe, celebrities with enough money to be able to defend themselves professionally, this kind of step is an easy one.

It is possible that the story will end abruptly.

It is up to the media whether they will focus on Chappelle or move quickly onto other subjects. It will depend on the background of the suspect and what else we find. If Isaiah Lee leans to the right that background will be amplified and reporters will extend the story’s life.

If Lee is a progressive radical his name will quickly disappear from the news headlines.

Are you sounding cynical Just remember how quickly the media moved on from recent mass casualties caused by black racists, and you’ll see the pattern in play.

It will have a subtle, yet more sinister effect elsewhere. Comedy stars already have to self-censor in order not offend the woke mob. Desus & Mero, the Showtime power duo, admitted just that even though they align almost perfectly with the progressive narrative.

Some do it out of fear. It’s understandable. Bill Burr and Chappelle could survive even if they didn’t make another joke, considering their high income. A blue-collar comic can’t say the same.



Comics now need to think about more than Cancel Culture. If a comedian makes a bad joke and upsets a comedy club patron, will he/she rush to the front of the crowd?

You might be better off avoiding jokes which push the boundaries, than to put yourself at risk.

The comedy industry has taken another significant blow.

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