Dan Bongino Responds to YouTube After They Suspend His Channel – Opinion

YouTube today demonetized Dan Bongino’s YouTube channel. According to Bongino’s response to the YouTube representative handling the case, which we’ll cover in a moment, his channel was nuked for questioning the efficacy of masks.

This seems particularly egregious considering all the evidence that masks were largely ineffective suppressing the spreadThe prevalence of COVID-19 has been increasing in global communities. Further, even many coronavirus hawks are now admitting they simply aren’t a solution against Omicron, though, various compilations of real-world dataTheir effectiveness has never been demonstrated before.

Returning to Bongino, he was apparently contacted by someone named “Coco” from YouTube. What happened next was quite the “holy cow” moment.

That’s certainly one way to put it. Bongino has played his cards right over the last several years, and that’s put him in a position to give no quarter to big tech giants attempting to censor conservative viewpoints. In his response, Bongino notes that once his YouTube account is unsuspended (apparently, this is a time-limited suspension and not a permanent ban), he’s going to post the same opinions about masks again in an apparent dare for them to take further action.

It’s one thing for social media companies to suppress objectively over-the-line content like calls to violence or overt racism. It’s a completely different thing to shut down speech that is doing something as mundane as questioning mask mandates, which again are objectively useless. The government is not a deity, and the CDC does not have a guideline that makes it sacrosanct.

Bongino has long-standing relationships with several writers here at RedState (I’ve never met him personally but he calls me the “Great Bonchie” on his show, so that has to count for something, right?). You probably know where this issue is headed from because of that.

As a point of clarity, I’m never going to criticize any other outlet or individual commentator for doing what they need to do to make a living. It can mean taking the heat from the tech companies that control so much information. In Bongino’s case, though, he’s got the capacity to take this stand and it’s a vitally important one. As long as these monopolistic giants expect submission, things will not change.

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