Daily Caller Brought on by Facebook as Fact Checker

Liberals Outraged After Facebook Announces Daily Caller Brought on as Fact-Checking Partner

“Facebook is cancer.”

The Daily Caller, a conservative news site co-founded by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, will be assisting Facebook with its fact-checking efforts, the social media tech giant announced Wednesday.

The news alarmed many journalists and liberals, who accused Facebook of caving to right-wing pressure and blasted the credibility of the Caller.

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According to The Guardian, Facebook will add CheckYourFact.com, a site under the Caller’s umbrella, as a partner in its controversial fact-checking program. Facebook has long been under fire for supposedly allowing the proliferation of “fake news” on its platform, and the company has admitted that it’s an issue.

But liberals are outraged Facebook has turned to the Caller to help combat the problem, claiming the right-wing outlet has a history of running offensive and false content. They cite the publishing of articles from white supremacists such as Jason Kessler, organizer of the 2016 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, as evidence.

“In case you were wondering if Facebook could become any more of a dumpster fire it has now empowered THE DAILY CALLER to ‘fact check’ articles on its site,” lamented liberal journalist Judd Legum.

“Facebook is cancer,” cried Philippe Reines, one-time senior advisor to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“To fight Right-leaning media making shit up they’re using Right-leaning media that makes shit up? Whoever at FB thinking this improves society should have their drivers license revoked; prevented from voting, owning a gun, procreating,” he added.

The Caller, however, has vehemently denied accusations that it sympathizes with white supremacists. The site cut all ties with former editor Scott Greer last year after being presented with evidence that Greer had written under a pseudonym for Radix Journal, a publication founded by white supremacist Richard Spencer.

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“Now, if what you allege is accurate, we know that trust was a mistake, we know he lied to us,” Neil Patel, co-founder and publisher of the Caller, said. “We won’t publish him, anyone in these circles, or anyone who thinks like them. People who associate with these losers have no business writing for our company.”

Facebook’s partnership with the Caller is likely an attempt to answer concerns from conservatives who are dissatisfied with the most prominent fact-checking organizations. Conservatives have in the past accused Snopes and PolitiFact of having a liberal bias. Last year, the right-leaning Media Research Center announced the launch of the Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers project, which aimed to “ensure the fact-checkers themselves are reliable, or exposed as liberal partisans if they aren’t.”

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