Liberal Journalist Ridiculed for Claiming Trump Is Guilty Because He Shared a Meme

“You guys lost so bad.”

A liberal journalist was ridiculed for posting a disgruntled tweet on Thursday following the release of the Mueller report.

Judd Legum – a founder of the progressive ThinkProgress news site– was responding to a self-referential meme shared by President Donald Trump that declared “Game Over.” Apparently triggered by the “Game of Thrones”-themed post, Legum suggested that Trump’s fondness for memes was somehow damning.

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“PRO-TIP: Innocent people don’t need memes,” he said.

The replies quickly turned into a right-wing gloating party.

As the comments piled up, anticipation of a ratioing began to build.

Many commenters joked that the president’s critics are clearly getting desperate for proof that he committed a crime.

Some said Legum was clearly jealous that the left can’t meme.

Others noted that “pro-tip” is itself a meme, albeit a lame one.

Superior memes were shared.


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