Cracker Jack Gets Upgraded to ‘Cracker Jill’ – Opinion

Are you a fan of being taken to the ballgame with your friends? How do you enjoy eating your peanuts pack?

Thanks to gender equality, the answer is no longer “Cracker Jack.”

Frito-Lay, in a man-maiming move has repackaged the iconic Frito-Lay candy.

Since manly mentions are Jacked up, feminists everywhere can now tear into a box of “Cracker Jill.”

OfficialFritoLay’s YouTube channel boasts an ad in praise of the improvement.

The company subscribes to a contemporarily common concept — people are unable to live aptly unless they see others who look like themselves:

Sometimes, all you need to be convinced you can accomplish something is to look at someone else who has done it before.

The Girl Power promo champions change:

Cracker Jack, a man with a rich legacy in sports and a proud supporter of women who are changing face of sport through a new image of his own.

Introducing…Cracker Jill.

What follows is a revised rendition of baseball’s seminal sing-along:

Bring me to the ballgame
Bring me to the crowd
Grab me some Cracker Jill and peanuts
You can’t be stopped if there is the will
So let’s root, root, root for the girls team
We are adding our face to this game
And we’ll run, throw, with never a doubt
It’s a new ball game

Human beings roamed naked through the forests thousands of years ago. An entire lifetime could be had without ever viewing one’s own likeness.

This was before. Needing to perpetually peer into our own punims as we watch what’s happening all around fits perfectly with the narcissism of the now: Everything must be a mirror, and seeing faces similar to our own is “representation.”

Or maybe that’s egregiously overthinking it.

Here’s to hoping little girls everywhere are inspired by the ad. They should know that America will be there for them.


Concerning Cracker Jack and modernizing its moniker mistakes, Frito-Lay should figure out there’s more undoing to be done. How about correcting the lingual leftover that’s still propping up prejudice? The gameday goody’s eponym remains a racial slur.

Beyond that, recipe-related modification may be required to take out the treat’s toxic masculinity.

While they can change the name to be more feminine, the caramel-coated, leguminous popcorn remains as clearly macho.

After all, it’s still tacky. It still contains nuts.



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