‘Cost of Unmasking’ NYC Toddlers Too High for Neurotic New York Times Writer

New York City: New York City toddlers have to suffer New York Times columnist’s piece of mind. Ginia Bellafante, the paper’s “Big City” columnist, was in full coronavirus panic mode on Sunday. Do you think she would want to shut down nightlife and restaurants again? She wanted to do something more cruel and inhumane: keep children masked at school.

Even Los Angeles’ liberal side has abolished its schoolchildren mask policy. But Bellafante’s reaction to the news that Mayor Eric Adams will drop the city’s mask for public schoolchildren aged 2-4 proved her to be immune to common sense: “Covid Cases Are Up in NYC Schools. So Why Are Masks Off?”

The provider of statistics home-brewed showing the apparent (tiny!) increase in Covid cases might be ideologically committed towards masking toddlers. Why should toddlers bear the brunt of neurotic urban liberals only? Bellafante doesn’t even try to justify:

….the mayor followed with the announcement that masks would soon be optional for children in the city’s preschools and day-care centers, It was difficult to see how releasing 3-year-olds of their KN95s could have an effect on the repopulation of offices and the revival of Midtown’s economy.

Adults are unmasked in NYC, packing nightclubs and indoor sports events but, until April 4, only toddlers are at risk. Bellafante said that while most people want children unmasked in NYC, there are many others who prefer them to be covered. [New York City Mayor Eric Adams] to please keep faces covered.”

Does this columnist get angry seeing children’s faces? She certainly seems to lack empathy for children, considering she thinks letting them uncover their faces (seeing faces is a vital part of early education, especially for children with speech difficulties) is a purely “symbolic” gesture, ruling that “the costs of unmasking” are still “not entirely fictional.”

Bellafante presented some uninteresting, political statistics.

One group, Parents for Responsive Equitable Safe Schools, set out to scrape data regularly and deliver a broad view. Their figures show an increase in Covid cases at New York City schools in this academic year. This jumps from just over 135,977 cases March 7 to under 137,900 on March 23. A notable rise over the two weeks prior.

That’s it? A 1.4% rise over a 16-day period?

Even the race card was played by her:

Just a few days before the mayor’s most recent announcement, Numerous mostly white parents — many of whom are at the forefront of the movement for schools to be reopened in an earlier stage of the pandemic — gathered at City Hall to demand that the Adams administration “unmask our toddlers.”

Bellafante shouldn’t have to make a comment about the virus. Early in the pandemic, she smeared Fox News host Sean Hannity, falsely and offensively suggesting he and other network hosts downplayed the dangers of the virus and thus caused the death of Joe Joyce, a 74-year old Brooklyn bar owner, who went on a cruise, came down with and eventually died from the virus.

The Hannity quote that she was to blame for her lapse in judgment came over a week ago, on March 8, 2020. After Joyce left for the cruise.

Bellafante herself was guilty, by her own standard, of downplaying the dangers of the coronavirus, in a February 27, 2020 tweet: “I fundamentally don’t understand the panic: incidence of the disease is declining in China. The virus does not cause death in the majority of cases. Production and so on will slow down and will obviously rebound.”

Granny killer!

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