Corporate Media SILENT As Migrant Caravan Overruns Mexican National Guard

The corporate media’s effort to suppress any news of the ongoing border disaster, which is expected to accelerate after the Biden Administration’s widely advertised repeal of Title 42, includes suppression of the recent overrun of the Mexican National Guard near the border with Guatemala.

CBS, NBC, ABC, and Telemundo omitted this story, while Univision, Telemundo, and NBC did.

IVAN MACIAS (UNIVISION): In desperation, migrants threatened to attack the police station, which was unable to stop them. The migrants had been waiting months for the (legal process), in order to travel to the United States. Shouting “Freedom!”, they made their way through helmets, batons, and shields. They shoved each other and ran into undocumented victims whom guardsmen attempted to hold.

The marchers jubilantly passed through many towns. A second unit tried to stop the advance. The cross, which they were carrying in peace, was used as a battering rod by another unit to stop their advance.

TELEMUNDO, ISSA OSORIO – In Chiapas two migrants faced off against members of the National Guard. Their advance was stopped by (Mexican National Guard) seven-miles from Tapachula as they traveled to Mexico City.  

This story is not being covered by ABC, CBS and NBC. The Mexican national security guardsmen were overrun by Chiapas police last week, which is part of the future events at our border. Expect more caravans along the Northern Triangle to make their way north as word spreads that the Biden Administration will drop Title 42. You can read more ABC News:

According to DHS senior officials, the Department of Homeland Security could see as many as 18,000 migrants per hour at the southern border in case Title 42 is repealed.

DHS officials claimed they do not know when Title 42, Trump’s controversial policy to deport single adults, which is carried out under the auspices a public health emergency and was repealed.

That’s up to 540,000 migrants in a single month, eye-popping numbers. Just imagine what that could mean for October ahead of the midterm. This story has been kept from the evening news for good reason. It can’t be ignored forever.

But why does Univision and Telemundo still carry the story? It is for the opposite reason. As immigration advocates, these networks are happy to tell the hardship stories of migrants coming to the United States, where they will then be weaponized in order to pressure the Biden Administration into further concessions on immigration enforcement via legislation (not likely) or executive order (far likelier in the current political environment). The networks then make these migrants consumers of news and entertainment, shaping them culturally. And politically. As Jorge Ramos said:

JORGE RAMOS UNIVISION: The future of Spanish-language media will be assured for many decades simply because: Even though the Hispanic community has seen a lot of growth, most of it is due to people who were born in the country, there are still one-to two million illegal and legal immigrants coming into the country every year. Many of these people speak Spanish. So, therefore, we have a market that is growing and growing.

It is likely that Spanish-language media in Spanish will continue to be popular over the next several decades. But that is another subject entirely. However, Latinos are keeping many elements from their countries of origin. For example, 9 out of 10 Latinos know Spanish at the home. We’re also speaking Spanish in our homes. This makes it possible to keep Spanish-language media alive. This gives it a power other immigrant groups didn’t enjoy in the past. 

This story, which shows restive migrants pushing through security checkpoints while on their way to the north, must be told soon. Shame on corporate media who fail to do their job. 


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