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In the past, backyards were given little details and attention; as its location defines it, it is in the back of the house, and nobody aside from the family that lives in the house sees the backyard every day. However, modern architecture changed all that because the concept nowadays includes maximizing extra spaces, including backyards.

You can put great things in your backyard to make a place where you would want to stay during cold afternoons to relax, to enjoy the clear night skies while watching the stars, or a place where you want to entertain guests.  Outdoor water features are among popular choices in enhancing the aesthetics of the backyard and creating your own hideout space to calm down after a long stressful day.

Along with the outdoor water features, here are some of the great additions for your outdoor space: 


Hammocks are made of fabric, net, or other fabric-like materials, and the ends are suspended through a chain or a rope. Typically, you will see hammocks in the beachfront patios or suspended between two trees along the shores. However, before becoming a household element, soldiers use hammocks on the battlefield, especially in the jungles where they need to be suspended to protect themselves from crawlies creeping on the ground.

With each type of hammock, it’s critical to understand the proper way to care for it. This includes keeping your hammock’s appearance and comfort and ensuring that it is appropriately hung to avoid injuring yourself, your surroundings, or damaging the hammock.


Trampolines provide entertainment for children and families and are sure to be a point of interest in a sleepover, birthday party, or family reunion. However, while jumping, the last thing you want is for the trampoline to topple over. Instead, go for a trampoline that has a stabilizer to the ground. If your trampoline is missing either of these features, you will need to consider buying anchors to stop the trampoline base from moving because of the force from jumping.

Outdoor Barbecue Station

Weekend barbecues or grilling steaks during holidays with family are always fun. That is why most houses have barbecue stations in their backyards. The backyard barbecue station should be close to the home, especially if you don’t have a patio, so you won’t have to take quite a bit of a walk to bring the barbecue to the dinner table.

Portable Patio

A portable patio is a perfect option for those houses with small outdoor or backyard space. Having a moveable deck in the backyard is ideal for places with a moderate to warm climate where you can enjoy drinking coffee in the morning, catching up with friends over a cup of tea during late afternoons, or simply having a backyard dinner with your family. The good thing about this type of patio is that you have to move them around to other spots in the backyard without having to spend so much money for workers to dismantle and reassemble. Again, it’s all about being practical.

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