Can You Prevent Addiction?

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Even before the recent pandemic broke out, substance abuse has been one of the world’s leading problems. Most of the time, people going through drug addiction problems would say that they started using illegal substances because they have learned about it first through their friends and family members, which means the social environment plays a significant role.

In Wide World Life Coaching, Jason Shiers said, “When people are desperate, they are often beaten into a state of reasonableness, they become open to something new because all else has failed, they have run out of ideas that they can come up with.” The website contains helpful information for those who have taken the first step to recovery by recognizing that they need help understanding their condition and how they can pull themselves back to where they can start again.

Drug rehab is one of the accessible help one can find in the middle of the pandemic or whatever crisis. Given the complexity of the situation because of an ongoing global health crisis, it is crucial to understand that one does not have to delay getting some help in resolving drug addiction while waiting for the ravaging COVID-19 virus to subside. The programs in drug rehab make a person realize how possible it is to start new; they also help them keep themselves sober.

It is common to hear people say prevention is better than cure, but the big question is, can you prevent addiction?

Understanding the Starting Point

Taking risks is something that everyone does in a lifetime. It may be of minor or significant risks that one thinks and takes as they make life decisions. As mentioned, the social environment plays an essential role in drug addiction. For example, if anyone in the neighborhood takes drugs for fun, there is a drug supply nearby.

The problem is adolescents and adults alike can be into a lot of satisfaction and thrill brought by experimentation that can hook them into using drugs to relive the same euphoria. Then, as time goes by, the drugs take over and make the brain think that the substance is part of it to function every day.

Studies and Control Efforts

While many factors such as culture and social factors can take a tight grip on drug abuse, many youngsters still see the use of illegal drugs as something they need to avoid because they have been taught that it is terrible for their health. It can put them in trouble, and that is because of their early education and awareness set by many governments.  

In line with that, researchers and scientists have developed effective programs for the communities to keep a good balance of understanding risk behaviors and protective measures.

These research and programs aim to educate a population about what substance abuse can bring and alter someone’s brain function that will lead to addiction. The adolescents are classified based on their risk factors; those at low-risk are given the universal programs in schools and or community educational events, while those identified to have higher risks of exposure to the idea of substance abuse for whatever reason receive selective programs. In addition, a more targeted program, also known as an indicated program, is given to those who have already started using illegal drugs or drug abuse.

In conclusion, addiction can be prevented. The key is to let everyone know relevant information about drug addiction to quickly identify if one is already considered as drug dependent or addict, when to ask for help, and where to get help.

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