Conservative Parents Sweep Texas School Board Elections on a Theme of Transparency, No Masks, and No CRT in the Classroom – Opinion

Four suburban Fort Worth school districts held school board elections on Saturday. Candidates backed by a conservative parents’ organization won all ten seats they contested and unseated at least three incumbents.

School board elections tend to be low-key and attract little interest. Since COVID, Critical Race Theory and the mainstreaming of sexual grooming within our classrooms, many school board members have come to be seen as a battleground. Once sane people saw the horror show and bullsh** that was the Loudoun County, Virginia, school board, they started paying attention (ordinarily, I link to articles by colleagues, but in this case, there was so much excellent RedState coverage of the Loudoun County fascism that I’m giving a single link for all the coverage).

Yesterday’s elections were just a continuation of the revolt over CRT  that started last year. Although we know that it’s an elective course in law school, but not an issue for school board elections; teaching children how to discriminate against others based on skin colour is deeply offensive.

Like the election last year, this election teaches many lessons. First of all, normal parents are powerful if they organize. We parents often get too involved in our own lives that we pay enough attention to the school board candidates. You must care about the future of your country and children.

Second, the GOP has let the bullsh** label of “nonpartisan” that is attached to school board elections prevent it from endorsing candidate slates. The cretins the left slips into school board slots can only do so because they aren’t exposed.

Last but not least, elections to school boards are crucial if we wish to protect our republic. The late Andrew Breitbart was fond of saying “politics is downstream from culture” due to the conservative inclination to ignore the nutbaggery coming out of movie and recording studios. He understood that beliefs and attitudes are shaped by cultural contexts and established long before most people become politically conscious. I would argue that “education” is also upstream from politics, and if you ignore both culture and education, you can’t pretend to be shocked when they force you to wear a face mask and social distance as they pack you into the boxcars heading for the camps.


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