Conservative Outlets Should Take a Page out of the Left’s Playbook and Ignore January 6th – Opinion

I will be catching up this week on some things that have been lost in the holiday chaos. My family also got COVID over the holidays, so we’ve just been basically doing the bare minimum to get by. Just like many others, I have still got Christmas decorations and gift bags to organize. Because 2022 marks the year when I will finally be fit, it is imperative that I start a workout program. New year, new you…again. We also lay out our year’s goals and strategies in the first week of January at work. I’ve got a lot going on.

What happened on that day for the progressive left was like the imminent end of western civilization. Everyone else saw it as a right-wing Black Lives Matter protest. The left, however, insists on maintaining the hype, even though there are far more important matters in our lives. Even as I write this I’m wondering if my passive descriptions of the events will pass the “fact-checker” overlords on social media. That’s how committed they are to squashing any other narratives about the day but their own.

Although I don’t have any data, I can guess. And really, is it different from what CNN does for the past decade? Few people, if any, outside of the New York City CNN bubble care about that particular day or think about it. Many people think about empty shelves at their shops, gas prices, whether their children can finish school, how they will protect their health and what the end result of Season 8 looks like. Yellowstone…almost anything other than the kerfuffle at the Capitol.

So, here we are, mere days away from the first anniversary of two-thousand and twenty-first January 6th of the Christian era and one can only imagine the overwrought, emotional, over-the-top documentaries and videos and columns we’re about to find ourselves subjected to. Think Adam Kinzinger times eleventy-billion. It’s going to be one giant circle-jerk (if you’ll pardon the phrase).

And that’s fine. We would expect nothing less. Here’s the thing…to most people in this country – I truly believe – it’s all meaningless. As I said before, Americans have a lot going on in their lives, and even if they were on board with the current mainstream narrative, we’re all suffering from a lot of panic fatigue. There is a limit to how scared or worried people can be. They’ll start to prioritize what is left of their will to freak out and let’s face it, if we’ve already moved on from the horror show that was the Afghanistan withdrawal, we’re pretty ready to dump January 6, 2021, into the dustbin of time.

Perhaps conservative media professionals should give this idea a push. Let’s take a page right out of the playbook of our media opponents. Let’s simply…erase it.

CNN and the other major media outlets conspired to hide the Hunter Biden laptop story until it was time for them political ends. They censored information about COVID therapy and mask effectiveness. Anyone who spoke out against COVID was banned. Even today, as I write this, CNN has released a “shocking” story claiming obesity and diabetes could possibly be key factors in making COVID deadly. This was a statement that accounts were banned from or suspended because they said too much months ago. They know how to memory-hole the stories they don’t want to talk about, so how about we do the same?

They’ve been able to make stories go away by the very act of pretending those stories weren’t real. The right-wing media sphere hasn’t cared much about the events at the Capitol last January since, oh…last January. Let progressives continue to explain why they need to concern us. We shouldn’t let this bother us. Political punditry and “journalism” have become about 75% reacting to the other side these days. How much of this story would we get if we didn’t react to it?

So, here’s my challenge to my colleagues. Don’t cover the one year anniversary. Don’t cover any of it. Don’t write reaction pieces to whatever dumb thing Brian Stelter or Joy Reid says. Don’t send out indignant tweets. Don’t share ridiculous progressive blog posts just so you can hate-tweet them. If you must comment at all, just call it misinformation and declare your refusal to tolerate “the crazies.”

You can have two players. It’s time we conservative media stop being solely reactionaries and start acting like we have the power to set the narrative.

It’s okay to fake it until it becomes real

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