Colbert, ‘Charlamagne Tha God’ Discuss Crushing the Democratic Norms (for Democrats)

They don’t routinely mock President Biden on The Stephen Colbert on Late Show They’re often too busy continuing their obsession with Trump or mocking Facebook as “Pinsurrection.” But on Tuesday night’s edition, they discussed crushing democratic norms….for the Democrats.

Charlamagne (realname: Lenard McKelvey), came on the show to discuss his Comedy Central Show on Friday Nights (executive-produced on Colbert) Th God’s honest truth.They talked about the weekly episode and next week. He stated that “Next on our agenda” would be the so-called cowardly donkeys. That is, the cowardice that the Democratic Party displays.

It might cause some concern among the Biden establishment types, even in Hollywood. Colbert exasperated: 



CHARLAMAGNE: Well, I feel like if. you know, they don’t stop being, you know,  cowards, I think that, you know, we’re really, really looking at the death of democracy as we know it. Like, I mean, four simple things, you  know– (Applause ) Four simple things the Biden administration could do to protect democracy:

Number one, you gotta protect voting rights, right? ( Applause) This is what you have to do. 

No. 2 You must pack the Supreme CourtRight? 

Third, You must end filibuster to be able to govern.  Right. ( Applause ) 

The fourth is An example is required One of those who attempted to overthrow this country was January 6. (Wild cheers, applause). 

COLBERT: They may try that. They may try that, I believe. 

Charlamagne stated that we don’t discuss January 6 enough in the (intentional comedy) portion of their interview. Does he watch cable news?

CHARLAMAGNE: It bums me out that we treat January 6 like it was just a  bunch of kids wilding in Miami for spring break. It was like, there was an attempt to take over this country. This is what it looks like We don’t talk enough about it. It should be the headline of every evening news channel and late-night talk show.

Colbert mentioned as they were taping the show in the late afternoon that the “special” January 6 committee was going to take up contempt proceedings against Trump adviser Steve Bannon. The Republicans are “lawless” gangsters and they’re causing a “knife battle,” so Colbert and the others talked about that. No “fact checks” are going to object. Honest Truth In his show title.

CHARLAMAGNE: People, you know,  think Hillary Clinton is crazy – right? She lost and people think that she is bitter. She was expressing concern that the country is heading towards minority rule a couple weeks ago. And that’s why she’s in support of ending the filibuster so we can govern. She was, as you all know, a filibuster.  G.O.P. The G.O.P. is lawless and doesn’t care about laws. They’re gangsters. Gangsters are hard to get along with. 

COLBERT: You can’t bring a spoon to a knife fight. 

CHARLAMAGNE: You can’t bring a spoon to a knife fight, exactly.

What was the purpose of avoiding more violence and lawlessness at Capitol Hill? It is possible that nonviolent metaphors and laws are more encouraging. 

This is a discussion about court-packing and filing-crushing.Tide AndTums 

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