CNN’s Cillizza: Democrats In ‘Revolt’ Against ‘Directionless, Listless’ Biden

Chris Cillizza is a CNN political analyst and can be considered an acceptable toe-tapper in the liberal media lines. We’ve found Cillizza tends to dunk on Republicans and uplift Democrats.

It was a real eye opener when I saw the following: Day of the New, Cillizza  tagged Biden for going off-script on masks, contradicting his administration’s official policy on the matter. COVID policy looks “directionless,” and ““The Biden administration seems listless now.” 

Cillizza stated that Title 42 would be repealed, which would eliminate any coronavirus justifications for controlling southern borders.

“You’re seeing as close as you can to a complete-scale political rebellion within the party of a President as you are going to see.”


Looking ahead to the midterms, Cillizza concluded by saying, that Impending border immigration boom is bad news for Democrats. It will only add to the already very negative political climate.

Brianna Keilar, co-host of the show, agreed to host it. Democrats “are concerned.” They are rightfully so.

CNN is expected to resume its regular programming, which consists of attacking Republicans and supporting Democrats. Liberal media is a pleasure for conservatives, but they must not take advantage of it. This was just one example of such a moment. 

Not to be confused with the amusing scene in which Cillizza was convicted of lib-speak crime, using the term “illegal immigration” Cillizza quickly corrected his faux pas,He amended his comment to add, “undocumented immigrant.” We’ll let you off this time with a warning, Chris—but don’t let it happen again! 

CNN’s Cillizza saying Democrats are in revolt against Biden was sponsored in part by Expedia and Tractor Supply.   

The transcript is here.

Day of the New
6:56 am ET

BRIANNA KEILAR: As you say,Biden might like to forget what happened in the previous days.

CILLIZZA: Yeah. That’s what I meant. Perhaps the last weeks.This has been an extremely difficult time. So, As close as you can get to an actual political rebellion within the party of a President, you will see, right? Every day—yesterday it was Steve Sisolak, the governor of Nevada, and Tim Ryan, Ohio congressman who’s running for the Senate coming out and saying, well, this seems reckless and I wish they had a better plan and I’m not for this. 

Each day there is a drumbeat from someone, whether they are a senator or someone running on the Democratic side for office, saying that things are not going as planned. 

Then you add the fact, Biden, that this is not a new phenomenon, that Biden often veers off-message. It’s been repeated as far as Ukraine and Vladimir Putin are concerned: Biden should be deposed. 

He was also asked Tuesday in New Hampshire about the decision to mask. And he said it was their decision. People should feel what they want. It’s their decision, that was my understanding. That’s not their policy. This was especially true when they were trying out the CDC and whether DOJ should appeal the federal court decision. 

You just feel lost.Priscilla points out that it isn’t. Everything else and immigration. What is the plan for moving forward? Administration that seems hapless. Is problematic. It is also problematic.My opinion is that the Biden Administration looks a little ponderous right now. 

KEILAR: Surge of migrants at the border How does this affect the midterm elections

CILLIZZA: Democrats have nothing to be proud of There was a March snowstorm. AlreadyA record number of border crossing arrests have occurred. The number of immigrants crossing the border is at an all-time high.Illegal immigration and undocumented immigrants It is a serious problem for them to allow people into their country. This is all before you even think about any of the other issues. 

Let’s just be real. Average people are not May 23rd. But they don’t know this, and they aren’t focused yet. However, they Will If there is a large surge at the border. It adds to the already existing. Democrats face a difficult political environment.

KEILAR : they’re worried. They are rightfully worried. 

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