CNN Rushes to Defend Outrageous Soft-on-Crime Policies of New Manhattan DA

What CNN did Thursday morning was a crime—against good journalism.

In Day of the NewCNN segment about the soft-on–crime policies by the Manhattan DA. CNN emphasized the more controversial elements of his policies but failed to reveal the really outrageous.

Thus, it was mentioned that DA  Alvin Bragg — who was never quite identified as an elected Democrat — has announced that crimes such as failure to pay traffic violation fines, marijuana misdemeanors, and prostitution would not be prosecuted.

CNN has not disclosed that CNN is the source of this information. New York Post has detailed:

  • Bragg will not seek imprisonment for any other crimes than murder. Thus, even convicted armed robbers won’t do prison time.
  • Und speaking of armed robberies, Bragg will prosecute them as mere petit larcenyMany cases. As lesser crimes, other serious offenses will be pursued.

CNN correspondent Laura Jarrett [daughter of Obama consigliere Valerie Jarrett], went on defense. “Alvin Bragg may seem like another progressive prosecutor looking to make large changes in the city. This is what he wants, he has been accepted. But He is backing his ideas up with data.”There was also deceit. Jarrett stated that Bragg’s decision not to seek pre-trial custody in all cases and eliminate cash bail was justified by his data.

“Do not commit” Violent They are not allowed to commit crimes when they are released on bail

CNN has a problem. CNN forgets about the Waukesha attack on Christmas Parade. CNN ignored that. 

Note the second weasel: “violent.” This sounds almost like many people were released on bail without being charged. Do Commit crimes, although not violent. 

Bragg even announced that Bragg will be including the “resisting Arrest” crime among his allegedly non-violent crimes [see screencap] that he won’t prosecute.

What about resisting arrest? Is it not implied by “resisting arrest” in the name of the crime that the suspect uses force? Imagine being a New York Police Officer and knowing that the man you want to arrest could resist your efforts with impunity. 

CNN is sitting in front of the Capitol on January 6 making excuses for not prosecuting trespassing….which is the charge faced by many Capitol riot defendants, or the charge is “illegally parading and demonstrating in the Capitol.” CNN is recommending leniency in that area.

GlaxoSmithKline (maker of Trelegy) sponsored CNN’s New Day in part.

The transcript is here.

Day of the New
6:50 am ET

BRIANNA KEILAR – Just days after she took office Alvin Bragg (the new Manhattan DA) says he won’t pursue smaller offenses such as prostitution or resisting arrest for specific crimes.

The mayor believes the move will increase safety and fairness in the criminal justice system. He has faced a lot of backlash. From the Manhattan shopkeepers to the police union, they claim that his new policy will encourage more crime. We’ll be discussing this with CNN reporter Laura Jarrett. Laura, can you please tell us about the particular crimes that he’s not going after?

LAURA JARETT: So it’s fascinating, guys. Alvin Bragg could be seen as another progressive prosecutor trying big changes for a city. This is what he wants, he has been accepted. ButHe backs up his ideas using dataThis is essentially a way of trying to find the right balance between justice in criminal courts and the need for public safety. 

According to him, his prosecutors should not be distracted by low-level or petty offenses. You can only focus on serious and violent crimes that everyone really care about if you get bogged down with low-level, petty offenses. We’ll take a closer look at his statements to staff that he doesn’t want them prosecute anymore. You know the things. Most trespassing and marijuana offenses include failing to pay traffic violation fines or cannabis misdemeanors.—not talking about stalking—but lower-level trespassing, Resist arrest—that’s an interesting one getting some pushback, and prostitution

He’s also taking aim at the bail system and telling his staff to not attempt to obtain pre-trial custody for those with low-level criminal records. That’s where the emphasis should not be. As you know, the police union reacted strongly to this. They basically said, “Why should we arrest people when they can just be walking back onto the streets?” However Bragg supports it with more data, stating that the vast majority who have been released on bail don’t reoffend or actually commit crimes. ViolentWhile they are on bail, crimes can still be committed.If they’re in prison for more than three days it can have life-altering consequences. 

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