CNN Hypes ‘Some Activists’ Say Abortion Bans Are ‘White Supremacy’

Steve Krakauer (ex-CNS staffer) flagged an article on on Wednesday. “Some activists and Democratic lawmakers point out abortion bans to be a form White supremacy,” which refers to White people’s dominance over others of different races and ethnicities. In the headline, it was clear: 

Advocates and legislators say that bans on abortion are White supremacy.

Nicquel Terry Ellis (a CNN senior writer about race and equality) created an article which featured a parade leftist activists and radical Democrats. It also included zero prolifers. Six abortions were performed on Ellis’ star.

(CNN) Kenya Martin, a college student at 19, was the first to get an abortion. She didn’t believe she was old enough nor mature enough for a family.

Martin, a 26 year-old mother of one, was making $12 an hour working as a bankteller. She couldn’t afford to care for her child or get health insurance. Martin would have been able to do it later. Four more abortionsEach time she was certain that she would not have another child.

Now Martin, who is Black, worries that other women, particularly women of color, won’t have that choice if the Supreme Court affirms a leaked decision to overturn Roe V. Wade — the landmark ruling that legalized abortion in 1973.

Ellis quoted Rep. Ayanna Pressley of “the Squad” stating on the House floor that  “The anti-abortion movement in America is rooted in organized White supremacy, and overturning Roe V. WadeThis would perpetuate poverty cycles and keep our most vulnerable people in oppressive systems. Monica Simpson, “SisterSong”, also stated that “this is a battle against white supremacy.”

The CNN article plainly reports the estimate that black women get 38 percent of the abortions in America, which CNN apparently believes makes them the neediest population, that abortion is essential for “marginalized communities.” It’s not clear that they acknowledge that real white supremacists might be pleased to. EncourageBlack abortions are not to be opposed

PS. Vanderbilt’s professor Michael Eric Dyson suggested Wednesday on CNN that white supremacy and the pro-life argument were connected.The insistence on abortion being banned and the birth of White babies in particular. All of this is part of a bigger piece. The fear of Whiteness vanishing is that bigger piece.Faced with a global increase in people of color everywhere,

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