CNN Gives Platform to Bushie to Urge Republicans to Vote Democrat

Donald Trump is hated clearly by the Bush family. In his remarks at Shanksville, Pennsylvania on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, George W. Bush took thinly-veiled shots at Trump, alluding to him and his supporters as a “malign force.”

However, there were no veiled shots in the speeches that Michael Gerson, ex-speechwriter for George W. Bush was delivering. Washington Post Columnist takes aim at Trump today. CNN Neue DayGerson had a chance to build on the unsubtly titled column he wrote recently, which was entitled “Trump is again in trouble 

John Berman interviewed Gerson about his twofold message.

1. Trump’s victory in 2024 is very likely.
2. He will also use federal powers to penalize opponents and punish himself if he wins. [as Berman suggested,] a near-dictator.

CNN Trump-haters find this incredibly bizarre futurism mind-boggling. Gerson also meshes nicely with his fellow columnist and “PBS Republican” David Brooks as they lob bombs at Trump on the Week in Politics panel at the PBS NewsHour.Trump gave Gerson a very brief talk program on PBS. 

He had to wait until the very end of the segment before he could get there. Gerson finally made the pitch that Republicans vote Democrat in 2022.

“At the very least, in the short term. It is crucial for Democrats to win For example, in the midterm election. Und This will require Republicans to do something difficult: vote strategically in favor of Democrats, because parties don’t change unless they lose. You can also find out more at: the Republican party, if it goes from victory to victory with this content, with this message, is a true threat to the republic. “

CNN screen Democracy in Peril New Day 10-13-21It is important to note that CNN did not just provide Gerson with a platform for fear-mongering, but actually embraced him.  The screencap shows that CNN opened the segment by displaying a warning about “Democracy in Peril” as the title.  

Tim Graham described Gerson last year as a liberal clone. He once wrote for President Bush but now “He sounds like a speechwriter to the gaseous opening segment of Brian Stelter’s show on CNN.”

Michael Gerson’s everybody-vote-Democrat pitch was sponsored in part by GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Sensodyne and Breathe Right, Volvo, and Johnson & Johnson, maker of Listerine. 

The transcript is here.

Neue Day
6:38 am EDT

JOHNBERMAN, A warning to the President from his top adviser. A new opinion piece in the Washington PostMichael Gerson says, quote, “it’s becoming more evident that A unified Republican takeover of the Federal Government in Trump’s hands in 2025 would be a nightmare for American politics.

. . 

It means that “many professionals and patriots opposed to him, Trump in the final days of his life, would have been weeded-out long before he won re-election.” There is no reason Trump would not try to solidify personal power over military and federal law enforcement units to employ as a bully’s club in times of civil disorder. He would not hesitate to use federal resources in order to harass political opponents and undermine freedom of expression, as well as change the election outcome. 

This is essentially saying that he could use quasi-dictatorial power.

MICHAEL GERSON : Yes. He would have to face limitations in other areas, such as the judiciary. We’ve already seen that he is keen to consolidate and centralize federal power in order to support his own interests as well as those of his adversaries. That is what we’re seeing from the historical record of his first term

. . . 

We have here a Republican front-runner in the 2024 elections. He would have decimated American democracy, if he had been able to. We should all take this very seriously.

. . 

Und ich denke Republicans must take this very seriouslyYou are also like me. It means:At least for the immediate term, Democrats must win.In, for instance, the midterm elections. Und This will require Republicans to do something difficult: vote strategically in favor of Democrats, because parties don’t change unless they lose. You can also find out more at: The republic is at serious risk if the Republican party wins with such content and this message.

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