CNN, Brianna Keilar Take Another Rake to the Face in Attempt to Bash Fox News – Opinion

Today, America demarks one year of Biden’s house-on-fire. Although his legislative agenda was set ablaze, OSHA’s illegal mandate to private companies was also put in an unmarked grave by the Supreme Court. His media supporters cheered on the team while hurling abuses.

CNN has plenty of Democrat cheerleaders — Brian Stelter and Don Lemon come to the fore. But Brianna Keilar can’t be ignored, even though America seems to ignore her and her show “New Day.”

“New Day” just produced a lengthy commentary, with Keilar devoting an entire segment to bashing Fox News, the “mothership of misinformation,” and the captain of the ship, Tucker Carlson. Keilar ran through both Fox News’ and Carlson’s sins mugly.

Sorry, I’m not going to dissect the entire commentary.  But here is the theme — Fox isn’t news, it’s propaganda, and its chief propagandist is Tucker Carlson.

She began with a cut of Carlson saying J6 wasn’t a terrorist attack or an insurrection. After that, she cut to Christopher Wray talking about domestic terrorist and J6. Cut back to Keilar with a smug “HMMMMmmmm?” look on her face.

Brianna reminded her four viewers that the DOJ ha,s in fact, charged individuals with “sedition”. However, all of the videos she used to show Carlson are from before AG Garland was charged with sedition. The axiom that the government can “indict a ham sandwich” is apt here.



Keilar finished the program with a rather bizarre wrap-up. She cut to clips of Carlson and Jesse Watters talking about the Kyle Rittenhouse case being a “clear-cut case of self-defense.”

“And when Fox needs to fill up its primetime lineup, who do they install, Tucker-light (Watters) who has fashioned himself in the image of Fox’s demigod of delusion and disinformation.”

Huh? Huh? Rittenhouse was not found guilty. I know you and the CNN crew don’t agree with the verdict, but that’s not an own of Fox. It’s another self-own, rake-to-the-face.

However, you can cut back on Bri.

“Actually it’s a clear-cut case of how to cultivate an echo chamber, or a gremlin. You can water it and feed it until you get multiples. Sunlight is the only thing that can stop it. Sunlight.”

Smug Bri face is then shown, side-to-side, with a clip from the movie “Gremlins,” with the Gremlins singing Christmas carols.

CNN does not know how to use metaphors.

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