CNN AND MSNBC: Chaos and Death in Ukraine Brought to You By Applebee’s!

CNN and MSNBC figured that blending live coverage with chicken and beer commercials would be the best way to deal with Europe’s current crisis. As you can imagine, it ended in disaster. 

Anchor Bianna Golodryga on Thursday related heartbreaking details: “It should be packed with commuters but subway stations in Ukrainian cities under fire and turned into makeshift bomb shelters. Families having to protect their little children.” Going to commercial break, she added, “Air raid sirens are ringing out this morning.” Then, with half the screen showing the spiraling situation in Kyiv, Ukraine, the other half featured country music, beer, chicken and Applebee’s. 

Have a look at these: 



MSNBC soon followed the lead: 



Hey, CNN and MSNBC: Perhaps split screens of the violence and heartache in Ukraine don’t fit well with a happy visit to Applebee’s? 

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