Climate Change Protestors Lay Down On Formula 1 Racetrack

Carlos Sainz Jr., Team Ferrari, won Sunday’s British Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton finished his 13th Silverstone Track podium, setting a new record in podium finishes at one track.

But that was all overshadowed by a group of six “Stop Oil” climate change protestors who laid themselves down on the racetrack. 

During a stoppage in the race after Zhou Guanyu’s first-lap crash, the protestors nearly blocked the entire race track as the cars whipped by on their way to slow down after the crash.

The race footage shows that the protestors weren’t far from being roadkill, before they were arrested.

Hamilton voiced his support for the protestors, who’s cause has gained widespread popularity throughout the sport in recent weeks.

“I love that people are fighting for the planet and we need more people like them,” the seven-time world champion said.

Actually, we don’t.

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There are ways that countries could do a better job of protecting their natural resources. But the world isn’t on the verge of collapse like the protestors claim. If their protests have led to major accidents or death, they must be treated seriously. 

This whole narrative is a sham and so are the people that protest in it’s name. Only sane responses are: “Gentlemen start your engines!”

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