Sex Worker Slams Feminists for ‘Slut Shaming’ Her Over Photo With Tucker Carlson

“I am getting tired of one ‘fake news’ hit piece after another.”

A Nevada sex worker this week criticized a Buzzfeed News reporter and other feminists for attempting to smear her and Fox News host Tucker Carlson for taking a photo together at the funeral of their mutual friend.

“Remember @TuckerCarlson’s lecture during the height of family separation in June about how the left doesn’t care about family values?” wrote Buzzfeed News’ chief Los Angeles correspondent Kate Aurthur in a tweet Friday.

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In response, libertarian, doctoral candidate, and “bordello fanatic” Christina Parreira wrote an op-ed published by The Federalist under the headline, “Stop Shaming Me For Taking a Photo With Tucker Carlson at a Funeral.”

“In the photo, I am playfully kissing him on the cheek as he turns away laughing. What Kate failed to mention is that we were attending the Nov. 3, 2018 funeral of Dennis Hof, the legendary Nevada brothel owner and showman, and close mutual friend of both Tucker and myself,” Parreira wrote.

“There was nothing salacious or inappropriate about this moment with Carlson. It was a celebrity taking a few minutes out of his day to make a fan feel good. I approached Tucker and told him what a huge fan I was, and he was kind enough to say yes to a photo. It was nothing more and nothing less. When I offered to buy him a drink, he declined. He had a club soda instead.”

The sex worker went on to call out Aurthur for bad journalism, saying she was “stunned” that she even had to offer an explanation.

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“Aurthur threw together a reckless tweet, without checking the context, in an effort to garner clickbait. It can happen to any of us. Imagine waking up to see a misinformed and callous ‘journalist’ with a chip on her shoulder maligning an innocent moment at a funeral, and having no recourse,” Parriera said.

“I hope this episode serves as a lesson to Aurthur and her ilk, but I doubt it. She immediately blocked me when I attempted to explain the circumstances. We deserve better from journalists, and I am getting tired of one ‘fake news’ hit piece after another. Do better.”

Aurthur’s tweet is particularly curious given that the tenets of her ostensibly liberal outlook make slut-shaming an egregious offense against feminism and progressivism.

It’s an irony that was not lost on Parreira, who wrote, “It’s interesting how, again and again, the supposedly feminist left takes women and reduces them to nothing but their job title, is it not?”

Nor was the point missed by other commenters with progressive sympathies, who blasted Aurthur in replies to her initial tweet.

“I can’t stand Tucker Carlson, but I also can’t stand people from Buzzfeed who treat sex workers like shit. (Which in my experience is pretty much everyone at Buzzfeed) here’s hoping for more layoffs!” wrote Penthouse columnist Sydney Leathers.

In the face of the backlash, Aurthur was defiant.

“I’m answering you once, and then blocking you and muting the thread, for obvious reasons. Tucker Carlson preaches prescriptive morality on his show about family values in the most toxic, destructive, high-handed way, leaving no room for anyone to deviate. He is poison,” she wrote in a tweet.

Many on the right argue that liberals, especially in the media space, consistently fail to hold themselves to the same rigorous ethical and ideological standards that they use to condemn conservatives.

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