Chris Pratt Posts His Original Pitch for ‘The Terminal List,’ and It’s One More Reminder of What a Gem He Is – Opinion

Chris Pratt, actor has shared his original pitch from Amazon Prime Video to social media.The Terminal List.

The clip for February 19, 2020 begins with a bold statement:

Hey, what’s up, guys? Chris Pratt is here. Let me just quickly say thank you for giving us an opportunity to come and pitch to you what’s going to be the very best show on television. It’s The Terminal List.

“I have so much faith and belief in this project,” he says. “The way that it came to me was through my friend Jared Shaw. He’s a combat veteran and Navy SEAL. Jack Carr, a former SEAL and the author of The Terminal List.”

Chris explains that both Jack and Jared originally imagined “a really great film.”


“[I] think it’s better suited for television. It’s amazing what TV is doing now. I love that you can spend 10 hours telling a story rather than an hour and a half.”

Chris calls the project a personal “reinvention” — all “will be different, everything will change.”

“It’s going to be an absolute surprise to audiences. It’s an opportunity for me to grow as an actor and as a producer.”

Director Antoine Fuqua had evidently been attached. Chris makes it clear that they are both dedicated to the honoring of Navy SEALS.

“He and I both have friends in the SEAL Team community, and it’s so importantTo both of us that we remain true and authentic to our Navy SEAL community, our friends, that when they watch this, they go, ‘[Heck], yeah!’ I’m excited to do it. I hope you like it. Lots of love, God bless you, and we’ll talk to you soon.”

It’s worth noting that his pitch was made the same year as BLM riots and a “Defund the Police” frenzy. This was the time when television became a 33-year-old TV staple CopsIt was cancelled. LEGO also requested that its advertising for firefighters and police be taken down. It would surely have taken substantial power — not to mention charm — to get such a project made.

This pitch serves as another reminder of how unusual Chris Pratt is in Tinseltown. In an arena of anti-religious rhetoric, the man is an outspoken Christian…

And while Hollywood is wokefying its works — and as the military is woking up itself —Chris’s focus is on those who have served and not a hint left-wing.

An upcoming military television program would focus more on patriotism, or an elite transgender spy unit. Chris champions a story that is not conventionally framed.

And audiences are eating it up — his prediction was correct. It’s hit Number OnePrime Video, boasts a 95% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes

Meanwhile, the project is less than loved by professional reviewers — they’ve rated it at 40 percent.

But, as someone once pointed out, art isn’t created for critics; it’s made for the audience that embraces it.

The series isn’t G-rated; but if you’re looking for a pro-military, real-world alternative to woker fare, check out The Terminal List. 

And for any who question whether the actor’s reverence toward veterans is genuine, enjoy the following:

Chris shared his gratitude on Instagram for the success and popularity of his show.

“Pretty surreal watching this back — over two years ago, I pitched #TheTerminalList to @primevideo. My buddy Jared Shaw brought @jackcarrusa’s book to me, and I immediately knew that this had to become a TV series. I was able to develop as both an actor and as a producer. Thanks for watching @terminallistpv!”



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