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Top Tips for Choosing Corporate Event Planners in NYC

Corporate event planning requires a significant amount of industry knowledge. When a brand invests in the services of corporate event planners in NYC, they need to carefully consider their options to ensure their money is going toward a quality service. This guide will outline how companies can choose the best event planner for their needs.

Consider the Company’s Portfolio

The company’s portfolio is the first place to look for information about a corporate event planning company. Their portfolio should have specific features that line up with the corporation’s goals. Some things that make a company stand out include:

  • Clear storytelling in the event design and plan
  • Custom builds for event features
  • Printable items and other collateral
  • Event production and management services.
  • Audiovisual and lighting skills

By viewing a company’s portfolio, those looking to hire a corporate event planner in NYC will find the ones that fit their goals well.

Compare Brands Served

When looking at the portfolio, corporations hiring an event planner should look at the other brands they represent. If they have an impressive list of big brands in their portfolio, then they are likely doing something well. Companies should also look for either a variety of brand types or a focus on their particular industry in the past clients the event planner served.

For example, 23 Layers, an NYC-based corporate event planner, has partnered with top names like Google and New York Interconnect. These companies in their portfolio show that they are well-versed in working in the tech field. They also have experience with startups and beauty and wellness brands.

This is one example of the many corporate event planners in NYC, but it shows how a portfolio is a helpful tool.

Look for Hybrid Events

Today’s corporate events are often taking on a hybrid model. They may offer in-person experiences, but they may also have online experiences. A skilled corporate event planner in NYC will be able to merge both types of events successfully. If a company plans to have an online component for its event, looking for this feature is valuable.

Seek Innovative Services

In addition to hybrid events, today’s event attendees are looking for experiences. A top-quality corporate event planner will create events that are experiential. Hands-on demonstrations, top talent and thought leaders, and interactive displays can all be a part of this experience. Innovation can also come in the form of a tech-savvy event that seamlessly merges technology with every aspect of the event. Some companies, like 23 Layers, can also offer specialized event services such as experiential events. These events provide an interactive, brand-focused approach to event management. Experiential events provide interactive and immersive experiences to attendees, helping build emotional connections between a brand and consumers, or a brand and its employees.

The right corporate event planners in NYC can mean the difference between a lucrative, successful event and one that barely breaks even. By carefully evaluating the portfolio and services offered, companies can find the right event planner to fit their needs and increase their chances of having a successful and profitable event.

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