Brandee Dupree: The Story of a Beauty Pageant Queen

There are various stereotypes in our society that folks associate with different achievements. The fact of the matter is that most don’t associate beauty pageant winners with intellect; suaveness; or women who are go-getters. But every now and then, there are those who prove their self worth to transcend those same stereotypes. Those who through their very essence and accomplishments are able to distinguish themselves from the pack. Indeed, many women who participate and are even victorious in beauty pageants early-on in their lives, don’t necessary remain committed to their health and nurturing their beauty throughout their lives. 

For most, their growth and advancement is limited to the years that their beauty is put to the proverbial test. Indeed they will train; keep their bodies in prime condition and work on improving their physical stature over the course of the respective competitions they’re in. But once the winner of the respective beauty pageant is announced, they will let themselves and their physical bodies lapse. At pluralist, we wish to take this opportunity to highlight somebody who stands out from the pack in this very way. 

Brandee Dupree is just that person. Brandee had been competing in beauty pageants ever since her lower school days. In the 2nd grade, Brandee participated in the Little Ashforian. Her childhood friends all remember her as being one of the single most ambitious students in school. She was captain of the cheerleading squad from the fifth grade to the twelfth grade. Ms. Dupree was also crowned Miss Ashford, which both her grandmother and aunt had previously won – marking three generations of her family who had won this very same contest. 

Brandee was also consistently an all honors student and the valedictorian of her high school. Brandee went on to Troy State University where she continued excelling, achieving consistent recognition for being an honors student. She specialized in special education, earning a degree in mild learning behavioral disorders. This was always a vocation that those that knew Brandee growing up, associated her with – due to her compassion, her willingness to help others, and her eagerness to make a difference in other people’s lives. 

Brandee’s commitment to her academics went beyond this particular degree however. After getting married and while raising her son, Ms. Dupree went back to university and in one year got her second degree in early childhood education for students from K-12th grade. 

At the age of 21, Brandee was crowned “Miss Alabama petite,” a huge international pageant with worldwide acclaim. The pageant is very much associated with Miss America. Women from every single state compete for this crowning achievement; but Brandee was able to nonetheless prove to be victorious. Then she went on to the Miss America pageant representing Alabama in which she ended second among contestants from all fifty states. 

Brandee was subsequently a part of Miss Alabama International, with an intended platform to promote autism – a natural extension of her commitment and dedication to helping raise awareness of the plight of children who struggled with various academic conditions. 

Brandee homeschooled her kids – and was known among her friends and acquaintances as one of the most devoted parents around the community. But Brandee’s commitment to her health; beauty and maintaining awareness of the need for other women to commit to leading healthy lives didn’t waver. She is now excited to be working on her next chapter, taking all of her life lessons with her; to share with the entire world, writ large. Stay tuned for more on this incredibly accomplished beautiful woman. 

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