Chip Roy Delivers a Rebuke of the $40B Ukraine Slush Fund Bill Everyone Should See – Opinion

A lot gets said on the floor of the House of Representatives, and much of it isn’t worth mentioning. Rep. Chip Roy made an exception Wednesday.

A Texas congressman lashed out at the rush vote to approve $40 Billion to Ukraine. This clip is one that everyone should view. This is how our government should operate. Is this sustainable? Those are questions that stick out like a sore thumb following Roy’s righteous rebuke.

Keep an eye on your watch. It’s worth every second.

Roy’s anger is justified. From sending Ukraine $13 billion of US taxpayer money a month ago to sending it $40 billion today in a huge slush funds with very vague appropriations. Even worse, the bill passed Congress unread.

A majority of Republicans voted in favor of the bill, which was being promoted by Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader. This was disappointing for Republicans.

Look, I’m for helping Ukraine in responsible ways, but no, that’s not the “most important thing” going on in the world today, especially for Americans who are dealing with a variety of crises back at home. Besides, there’s a difference between sending targeted support to Ukraine’s military vs. shoveling tens of billions of dollars into unaccountable places, some of which have no relation to the war in Europe at all.

According to a bill breakdown, $54 Million goes to the CDC. For salaries and expenses, $67 million goes to the DOJ. Is it $110 million that is designated for security at embassy in foreign countries? Or that $4 billion is delegated to Joe Biden for “foreign military assistance” with essentially no stipulations whatsoever? One might even say that $17.6billion goes to the Department of Defense to fund a range of activities, which could or may not be related to Ukraine.

The money sent to Ukraine will be lost when it leaves the Treasury. How will we know a country known for corruption and money laundering doesn’t misappropriate funds? What safeguards are there to make sure taxpayer funds are spent correctly? They simply don’t exist. That’s why Roy is so furious, and he has every right to be.

Further, many of the people voting for this Ukraine slush fund bill are the same people who insisted we couldn’t afford to build the border wall. It’s amazing how quickly they “find” money when it fits their priorities, though, right?

As I said, it’s perfectly reasonable to want to help Ukraine defeat Russia. This proxy war isn’t sustainable and it doesn’t make sense. Is there a way to recover the $40 billion? What happens when we have $80 billion left? It’s amazing to think that after 20 years of spending trillions on foreign wars that the establishment in D.C. couldn’t make it even a year before committing to another money sink.

Finally, Ukraine must be held accountable. I’m all for helping them push Russia back to the pre-2021 invasion borders. This isn’t that.


These aren’t our fights and represent an important escalation of the status quo. Can American taxpayers be expected to give money to Ukraine for as long as they are shooting for the moon? Roy is correct in that this isn’t the way to do things. I’m pro-Ukraine, but I can’t support this kind of government ineptness.

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