Celebrate America! If You Run Out of Gruel, You’ve Got A “High-Class Problem” – Opinion

While we start a new week in Biden’s Build Back Better America, remember kids – Inflation is just a “High-Class problem, 3.5 Trillion is really zero and Biden just saved the republic from a crippling recession by inflating consumer prices.

All of the above aren’t jokes they are the official positions of Biden officials. Biden maintains that the amount of 3.5 trillion dollars represents the total. really zeroIt is because somebody else has to pay for it.

Secretary of Transportation  Peter Buttigieg emerged from this family leave bunker long enough to go on TV and claim that Biden has saved the republic. The former South Bend mayor, who was able to fill small towns with potholes, said that Biden is genius. Buttigieg pimped the Administration’s agenda on Jake Tapper’s State of the Union and claimed that it’s all part of the plan – Biden is saving the nation.

Pete Buttigieg said that the supply chain problem at ports was caused by ships stacking up to the horizon. This is a positive thing. Biden is Moses, guiding our economy “out of the teeth of a terrifying recession”.  Sure of all of this has caused prices to jump to 40-year highs but incomes rose too so… it’s a good thing!

Biden’s puppeteer Ron Klain recently agreed with the notion that crushing inflation is just a “High Class” problem. Yup – the poorest out there should be celebrating. Wondering what you can afford to eat, is really a “High-Class problem”. Poor people are actually rich.

Oliver Twist doesn’t need more Gruel – he’s already rich.

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