Bozell to Levin: Media ‘Aiding and Abetting’ in ‘Cover-Up’ of Radical Left

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s Life, Liberty, and Levin Sunday night, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell hammered the leftist media for “aiding and abetting” in the “cover-up” of the devastating impact of radical left-wing policies. Bozell spoke out about the disturbing case of the 14-year old girl who was raped in Loudoun County High School by a male student after a far-left school board implemented a controversial transgender toilet policy.

“Brent Bozell, the Loudoun County School District is the ground zero for the war against parents and taxpayers by the teachers unions, the educational bureaucracy, school boards, and the Biden administration through the Justice Department,” host Mark Levin explained as the segment began. He asked the MRC founder: “And the American media, corrupt as it is, seems to be taking the side of the totalitarians against the people. What do you know about this?”

Bozell declared: “Well, it’s a story of two cover-ups, and they’re equally horrific. The first is a covering up of the radical left’s policies and their consequences. And the second one, the media aiding and abetting in this cover-up.”

While going through the disturbing timeline that connected the dots between the Democrat-controlled Loudoun County School Board passing it’s transgender bathroom policy over the vociferous opposition of many concerned parents to the alleged sexual assault of a young girl in a high school restroom by a male student, Bozell called out the role of the corrupt press:

Moments later, Bozell denounced the stunning media silence on the story: “What’s the media coverage of the rape? Absolutely nothing. What’s the media coverage of the cover-up of the rape to the parents in Loudoun County? Nothing.” He demanded: “Where are the media asking the question, what happened? Does this man’s daughter – has she been raped in this school? Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Why does the school board not acknowledge this? No media coverage.”

Naming and shaming the news outlets that refused to cover the terrible consequences of a radical left-wing social agenda, Bozell proclaimed: “What’s the media coverage of this explosive story? The networks did not cover the story. ABC, NBC and CBS are not available. Fox is the only one. The Washington Times The Washington Post.”

He condemned the school board for having “covered it up” by initially refusing to tell parents what happened and then added: “We know the parents were never told and we know the media deliberately participated in this cover up.”

Levin concluded: “You know, I’d say that is unbelievable, Brent, but these days, the media are so corrupt, and so in the back pocket with the American Marxist movement, it’s unbelievable.”

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MARK LEVIN: America, welcome back! Brent Bozell, the President and founder of the Media Research Center. And by the way, the author of a brand new book that’s coming out in December, Stops Along the Way. It’s a fantastic book, I’ve read it already, and we’ll talk more about that later.

Brent Bozell is the Loudoun County Schools District. This district has been the focus of the attacks on parents and taxpayers from the teachers unions and educational bureaucracy. The Justice Department and school boards are also part of the Biden administration. The corrupt American media seems to have taken the side of totalitarians. This is what you need to know.

BRENT BOZELL: Well, it’s a story of two cover-ups, and they’re equally horrific. The first is a covering up of radical left policies and their consequences. Second, media support and aid in the cover-up. Mark, I’ll walk you through the process if it is possible.

We’ve seen for the last two to three years this raging debate about transgender bathrooms. The overwhelming majority of Americans are opposed to this, but then the radical left said they wanted to insert it in the public school system, where boys could go into girls’ bathrooms and just say that they’re transgender.

The overwhelming majority of parents who opposed this were able to point out three important things. Morality is the first. This is morally wrong. This is immoral. Because everyone on the other side said this was going lead to rape. When it happened, we were shocked.

Now, the media, in turn, attacked the pro-family movement everywhere we went and they just – they said to America, these are carnival barking troglodytes. This has never been done before, they claimed. Everything they’re saying is just carnival barking, you have to ignore them. This is the way of a woke world, of a new world that we’re introducing. That’s your backdrop.

January 12th, a newly elected Democrat school board in Loudoun County announces that they’re going to have a new policy allowing transgender children to go into the public school bathrooms with girls. It’s going to happen in the next semester.

Well, it doesn’t wait until the next semester, May 28th, a boy puts on a dress, goes into the girls’ bathroom, gets a 14-year-old, ninth grade, little child and rapes her. Mark not only rapes the girl, but also the mother. The father doesn’t talk about this, but we have to talk about this. He sodomizes her. In the police report, it’s not just sodomy, it’s forced fellatio that he makes this girl – poor girl – go through.

They contact the parents. A father is called and informed about an incident. He isn’t told anything about this. He discovers that the little girl he loves has been raped only after he gets there. He starts screaming and goes crazy. The security guards take him out of school.

What does the school do? Does it talk to parents and let them know that there was a rape? There is nothing. The parents are told nothing.

Instead, notices are sent to the parents listing the details of the father as well as what he had done. It’s an unbelievable cover-up of the consequences of what the school board had thrust down the throats of the parents in Loudoun County.

What’s the media coverage of the rape? None. What’s the media coverage of the cover-up of the rape to the parents in Loudoun County? Absolutely nothing.

You can go further. June 22nd. There’s a hearing now to expand this policy, not to stop it, but to expand it to allow quote-unquote, “gender expression.” This means anybody can go into the girls’ room, don’t have to even say you’re transgender, just want to express yourself, i.e. You can wear a skirt.

The father attended this meeting and pushed for the new policy, even though he knew that there had been a rape. He also attends. He tries to make his point. He’s muzzled by not just the school board that denies this, but also this transgender army that is brought into the school board hearing. A tussle breaks out with the police, you’ve seen the footage, and he is tackled, he is arrested, and he is sent to jail.

All this information is known by the media. Is the media asking “What happened?”? Does this man’s daughter – has she been raped in this school? Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Why does the school board not acknowledge this? No media coverage.

October 6, October 6th: The boy was again taken into custody at another school. He is now in charge of a case against a girl. What’s the media coverage? Mark, this has not been covered by the media.

The Daily Wire has an expose on Tuesday. They connect all the dots in a massive story, telling the story the media didn’t want you to know. And for God’s sakes, the school board didn’t want parents to know about the cover-up. What’s the media coverage of this explosive story? None on the networks. ABC, NBC and CBS are not available. Fox is the only one. The Washington Times The Washington Post

But wait a minute, it wasn’t just The Washington PostIt was the, which didn’t even report it. It was the, the paper didn’t even report it, the paper that covers this. And then when they did the dot-com, they didn’t talk about the rape, it was about the father.

Tuesday is the report day for the school board. It simply washes its hands of the matter. It states that we were aware of it, and the school tells us within minutes they alerted authorities.

They alerted police about a crime. It is obvious that they covered up the crime. We are certain that the parents weren’t told, and the media actively participated in the cover-up.

LEVIN: You know, I’d say that is unbelievable, Brent, but these days, the media are so corrupt, and so in the back pocket with the American Marxist movement, it’s unbelievable.

We’ll be returning soon. When you return, I will discuss what the United States Attorney General, the Biden administration, and our schools, and our boards of school, want. They want to target our taxpayers, parents, and taxpayers. We’ll be right back.



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LEVIN – Welcome back America. Brent Bozell, the Biden administration has done something I’ve never seen in my life. As a chief staff member to an attorney general it would not have occurred to us. They’ve decided to criminalize public protest and input at school board meetings, to federalize public input and protest at school board meetings. This violates the First Amendment. The federal government is not involved in this.

But we now know, thanks to a letter that was sent to the Inspector General of the DOJ, that the Biden administration, at the White House, conspired with the Attorney General’s Office to unleash federal law enforcement against parents and taxpayers who, quote-unquote “threaten or harass” school board members or teachers. And there’s going to be a domestic terrorism hotline that people can call, I guess, so the FBI can show up at your doorstep and ask you questions. How do you feel about that?

BOZELL: I’m frightened. I’m frightened. Let’s look at what should be the consequences of this horrific story. Everyone involved should be fired or resigned. This includes the principal and all administrative staff who were aware of this. It also covers every teacher that was informed about it, as well as the entire school board.

Second, parents should sue school boards for the events that occurred. I am certain they will.

The third, all Democrat involved in such a scandal should be made public. Here is the Democratic Party working. This was the Democratic School Board.

The media should be reprimanded for covering this horrible story. However, what are the consequences of all this? Mark, it is amazing to me that parents are being tried for these things. The fact that the federal government has supported those who cover up the policy, and is now putting the poor father on trial is shocking.

This policy, which resulted the rape and sodomizing of this 14-year old girl, is something you must not discuss.

LEVIN : Terry McAuliffe is a Democrat who wants to be Governor of Virginia. He claims parents don’t have any control over the teaching in their classrooms. You can imagine this. We fund the schools, teachers, their salaries and elect school boards. But we don’t have any say.

The school boards and teachers unions are in control of our children, so the heads of these organizations have all the power. We don’t even get to say anything. This is – you’re correct. This is the Democratic Party’s position. Terry McAuliffe, the quintessential Democrat is he?

BOZELL: Think about when George Allen ran for Governor with the famous “macaca” moment. In total, 56 stories were included. The Washington Post about “macaca,” about the mistake that George Allen made. What is more important, saying “macaca” or supporting a school board that has this policy, saying that parents have no right to object to that kind of a policy. What’s more important?

But, yet? The Washington PostThis? This is an internet local news story. It ignores the issue and moves on. That’s a cover- up.

This should be – The Washington PostThe media should go to Terry McAuliffe, and ask how you are feeling now. How do you feel now, Mr. McAuliffe, that you support it, and you continue, and you’ve doubled down on a policy that says parents have no right to participate in the decisions about their own children in school? What do you think, Mr. McAuliffe

LEVIN: I’ll tell you what they’re going to say, they’ll endorse him for governor when the time comes, as they always do, the Democrats. What do you think of the line of Democrats who will campaign for McAuliffe, considering these facts? Barack Obama, shouldn’t he be asked? Jill Biden, shouldn’t she be asked? Joe Biden, shouldn’t he be asked? Stacey Abrams, shouldn’t she be asked? Should all of them be asked questions about the policy and events in this school district

BOZELL: America listen to the silence. That’s all I can say. Pay attention to the silence. Joe Biden is willing to speak up about any topic, no matter how conservative it may be. Joe Biden has supported these policies as well. Where is the President? This is where the President needs to speak out.

Kamala Harris where are you? You know, she’s putting golf or something. Is she still there? Are you the Attorney General for the United States of America? Where’s the investigation, Mark? Where’s the federal government saying, we’re going to investigate this? It is federal schools system. These things are not available in the United States.

They’ve got to get involved. Federal government is responsible. State governments have a responsibility. Police have a responsibility. The police are, as far as I can tell, the only ones who care.

LEVIN : Brent Bozell. Thank you so much. Media Research Center and various agencies. Stops Along the Way will be published in December. It is an excellent book. It is possible to pre-order it on It is called Stops Along The Way.

We’ll be right back.

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