Cardi B Rages Against 10 Year-Old ‘F—ing White Boys’ Who Said She Has a Fake Butt

Feminist rapper and Sen. Bernie Sanders supporter Cardi B is embroiled in a heated rap feud with a group of 10-year-old boys from Westchester, New York.

“Not gonna let no little f—ing white boys come at me all motherf—ing day long,” Cardi said Monday night in a rant delivered on Instagram Live.

Cardi continued her rant by telling the elementary school-age children to “stay in your motherf–king place” and exhorting them to drink their “motherf–ing milk.”

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The target of her ire was a group of fraternal quadruplets known as ZN8tion. According to Page Six, the brothers posted a “diss track” directed at Cardi B to their more than 160,000 Instagram followers two weeks ago.

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In it, the four siblings slam the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker, and even mock one of her most prized assets.

“I don’t know what’s faker: your life or your butt,” the group raps in the track’s video as one of the members dances around with a pillow in his pants.

The ZN8tion boys – who go by the names Hollywood, Slim Z, Bonez McKoy & Mr Great – also say Cardi is “washed up” and that she smells like a “turd.”

“We wanted to show Cardi B to not be a bully and give her a taste of her own medicine,” Hollywood told Page Six in an after-school interview.

He also said that Cardi responding to the track gave the boys exactly what they were looking for.

“[She] made us feel like we’d done our job,” Hollywood told Page Six.

A video posted to ZN8tion’s YouTube channel contains Cardi’s expletive-filled rant.

Cardi B, controversial feminist icon

Cardi B’s avowal of the politically-minded motivations behind her work, has made her a controversial music industry figure.

In January, conservative journalist Stephanie Hamill challenged Cardi to explain how her raunchy music video for the song “Twerk” contributed to women’s empowerment. Hamill, a commentator for Fox News and The Daily Caller, urged the rap mega-star and leftists to “chime in.”

Cardi B, a former stripper who has recently emerged as a liberal culture warrior, “clapped back” by saying the video sent a message to women “that I can wear and not wear what ever I want.”

The argument reflected a larger debate over sexuality in feminism. Some second-wave types have opposed behavior that they see as playing into male expectations of women. But third-wave and fourth-wave feminists have generally celebrated “sex-positivity” as a means of reclaiming female sexuality.

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While some conservatives reject feminism wholesale as a threat to decency and social order, others, apparently including Hamill, believe that the movement has, like progressivism in general, become too much about resisting supposed oppression in a way that undercuts women’s agency.

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