Canadians Hold Massive Rally to End Mandates—and They Are Tidy and Clean. – Opinion

As we sit down here, Saturday 29 January 2022, ladies and gentlemen are witnessing the making of history in North America. No, I’m not talking about the possibly pre-mature announcement that the G.O.A.T. The Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time (Greatest Of All Time). MIGHTRetire UPDATE: It’s Semi-Official: Tom Brady Has Not Announced He’s Retired Yet.

No, I’m talking about the massive #TruckersForFreedomRally2022 happening right now in our neighbor to the north, Canada.

Since the beginning of this week, I have been closely following the amazing story of Canada’s protest against COVID mandates. On Saturday, an estimated 10,000 people converged on the nation’s capital in Ottawa to let their government minders know that, maybe, it was time to ease up on mandating anything that breathes.

My colleague Bonchie covered this earlier about the Pretty Boy Prime Minster possibly having to leave the capital for “safety” reasons. Trucker Protests in Canada Escalate, Justin Trudeau Evacuated to ‘Safe Place’.

From that piece…

Instead of listening to those involved in keeping Canada’s supply chain running smoothly, the government is trying paint them as domestic terrorists. This has never happened before. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even took the absurd step of evacuating to a “safe place,” with the protest in town.

According to my knowledge, the truckers and other members of the convoy don’t have any intention of protesting. Feigning a domestic threat is the go-to move of tyrannical governments the world over right now, so it’s not surprising that Trudeau would respond this way.

Now, I’m not quite sure that the PM needed to leave for a safe location, when the very people that were coming to town he just called a “small and fringe” group that does not represent everyday Canadians. Justin Trudeau: 45-Mile-Long Truckers Convoy Fringe and Small, and It’s Not True.

Here is what he said…

A small minority of individuals who are traveling to Ottawa to express unacceptable views do not reflect the opinions of Canadians who have stood by each other and know that it is best to follow the science and protect one another.

Justin, this is fine. Call your citizens insignificant fringe groups and you can then skip to town. Perhaps he fled for Florida in the same way his ideological bunkmates Eric Swallwell and AOC did just a few weeks ago. It is not looking good right now, unfortunately.

As I stated, I was following the story and I am thrilled that my neighbors to the north decided to take the mandate bull by his horn. It is a story I feel will continue, and it’s not over yet.

Andrew Lawton (Canadian journalist and friend) is one of those I’ve been following. He was in Ottawa Saturday, and gave us all a lot of information. Not thereThis is what you see from the birds’ eye of WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON. After I read Bonchie’s story about the PM possibly fleeing town, I happened to catch one of Andrew’s tweets that gave a very unique perspective. Andrew is a master at this.

I started to chuckle — because I realized that people that are ThisTidy and tidy aren’t a danger.

Other than those who may be selling trash stories about freedom-loving people.

Follow Mr. Lawton if you are interested in learning more about this topic. TwitterRight HERE. Listen to my WAAM interview right now and you’ll hear the reasons he is so good. HERE

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