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Canada is officially falling into the category of nations that pretend to protect and care for their citizens. Canada arrested those accused on charges that sound just like Chinese fortune cookies. Yet how they treat those citizens is anything but caring — more like a temper tantrum by a child

Red State Contributors created the cartoon I chose for this post. Jim Thompson and was originally featured here with his post, “Justin Trudeau Expands His Tyranny With ‘No-Go Zones.’”

Cartoon shows how Prime Minister the Boy was brought up in a family of politicians and is viewed as a Central American dictator. Like his close friend Fidel Cruz. Jim references this in his post (linked above)…

(Fidel Castro’s son) Justin Trudeau has invoked emergency powers to crush Canadian truckers and he’s doing it not with a gun, but with a fountain pen. He doesn’t care that Ontario is simultaneously lifting mandates; his use of emergency powers is intended to convey a message not just to truckers, but to anyone supporting them.

Trudeau’s overly-exaggerated mandate that any Canadian leaving Canada for the United States or returning to Canada must be shot with a drug that, at best is an experimental therapy drug, caused this chaos. Trudeau was unable to control his emotions and became a dictatorial figure that Papa Fidel had never been.

RedState was everywhere at Ottawa’s events Friday. They were displaying the brutality ordered by the leader of an organization. democracy — and here are some of the examples…

Ottawa Police Exonerate Horses from Running over Freedom Convoy Protesters Leave Reality.

Ottawa Police Start Carrying out Justin Trudeau’s Authoritarian Mandates Friday.

Canadian Stasi Snatch Freedom Convoy Organizers off the Street as Trudeau’s Crackdown Begins.

This isn’t how a functioning democracy operates, as the articles below clearly demonstrate. Hell, you don’t need to read anything, being there are hours upon hours of video showing what was happening for three weeks before now, and then the government’s reaction yesterday.

If I could paraphrase a chant heard here in the States during contentious protests… This is NOT what democracy looks like. You don’t send in the cops to remove protestors for protesting, when they are NOT harming anything. The streets were full and the cars could navigate the city. However, it may have taken longer because of the large number of people. Boo Hoo.

Trudeau and his empty-headed rhetoric of claiming these people were a “minority” and were racists and homophobic fell on deaf ears because once again, HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF VIDEO showed different scenes. This is the way that people such as the boy dictator resort to lying, covering up their lies and hoping nobody notices.

Facebook Live!

A guy named “The” is one of my Facebook Live video followers. Pat King: The Real PatHe got part of the footage on Friday after he was detained. Watch the video. Right here

Did you remember my comment about people getting charged with stuff that sounds like fortune cookies? The Trudeau Government has just released one charge that sounds like candy.

Counselling for the offense of mischief

All this is being done in accordance with the Canadian Emergency Powers Act. This gives the dictator extraordinary power to make decisions and to charge those who help others to commit crimes. The two-week maximum stay is allowed, with no bail hearing. They will be required to reflect on how terrible it is for mischief to occur that Trudeau doesn’t accept.

Andrew Lawton is a Canadian journalist who wrote the following piece about what Trudeau’s actions that triggered his act of anger and his subsequent temper tantrum to Canada. Because it fits perfectly with the mood, I had to take a portion of his title for my piece.

Without the warmth, a banana republic is nothing

Ottawa, as it is governed by the Emergencies Act, is quite different from just a few days ago.

Yesterday, police set up a “secure area” and vowed to block anyone without a “lawful” reason from entering. According to Ottawa Police Service, peaceful participation in the demonstration is illegal.

Moreover, they say it’s incumbent on those they detain and question to offer evidence that they are allowed to be there – to prove their innocence, in other words.

This morning, Ottawa police threatened to arrest journalists who don’t “keep a distance” from their crackdowns on protesters.

This is in addition to the ongoing freezing of bank accounts without due process or legal recourse, and threats of removing protesters’ children and pets.

Mobility rights, freedom to the press and freedom of peaceful assembly as well as the freedom from unreasonable search or seizure. These rights were edited out of Trudeau’s version of the Charter the moment he invoked the Emergencies Act, his gaslighting notwithstanding.

“We will not be suspending fundamental rights,” Trudeau said, somehow with a straight face.

Andrew was a journalist for many years in Canada. He received pepper spray to the forehead yesterday because he did nothing but report on what was going on. He was in compliance with all police orders and did not block streets nor aid anyone in committing mischief. He was reporting on the story for Canadians, when he was assaulted by Trudeau Honor Guard.

Banana republics can be found in warm areas where you can get a nice tan. Justin Trudeau could do it so easily that he wouldn’t have to wear black shoes to make a difference. All he had to do to lose all his sense of logic would be to bake the rest.

Yet, when a Fidel Castro wannabe is ruling north of the 38th parallel–and there are no bananas or palm trees in sight for that term to be used correctly–I believe we need another name.

Maybe ‘snowball republic,’ but I’m not sure. I’ll have to think about it. America, I’ll be thinking about it while you wait.

It is obvious that this is happening.

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