California Shop Owner Defends Property During ‘Smash and Grab’ Attempt – Opinion

Over the past few months, a string of so-called “smash and grab” robberies have cropped up across the country at businesses in blue cities like Chicago (among others) — but many seem to primarily be happening in California, as RedState covered here, here, and most recently, in late December in the Bay area. Another example was seen on Friday.

KGO-TV reported

The owner of a Northern California jewelry shop took the matter into his own hands last Friday to end a smash and grab robbery.

Surveillance video captures a person running into Maaz Jewelers, Tanforan Mall San Bruno. He then takes a Crow Bar to the display box.

The report adds that the shop owner, Usman Bhatti, is “licensed to carry” the gun he made sure the wannabe robber — and anyone else lingering outside the door who might also have been up to no good — saw in his hand.

But it was Bhatti’s plea to lawmakers about the very real lack of action to protect businesses like his that is troubling. The following questions should be asked of every American:

“Do something, anything, it’s their job to protect us, to make some sort of law, we can protect ourselves at least,” he said.

Bad news for Bhatti: In blue states like California, where he lives, radical leftist DAs are in place to do all they can to skirt and “reimagine” the laws that are already on the books — which are supposed to protect people and and their property from criminals. He hopes someone can help him find the root cause.

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