California Policies Are Leaving Us With a Kindness Deficit – Opinion

Texas is the place to be for everyone.




Californians are moving away from insane tax rates and beaches in large numbers. Each time I turn around, a friend buys a house in Texas. Charity groups pull out stakes in Tennessee. Businesses are seeking to relocate to Florida because of its better climate and the possibility that you could keep some of your earnings.

Each day brings new news of people fleeing. The only reason the population hasn’t completely cratered is that for every productive taxpayer who takes off, three more addicts looking for generous state benefits and the ability to camp in the street full time arrive in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

California may appear to be in danger of losing its largest population but we are actually crashing into a braintrust deficit. The people who create jobs, hire, buy products, innovate, intellectualize, and pay most of the taxes are leaving and they’re taking their prosperity with them.

I was informed today that Gary Sinise will be moving his foundation from California to Tennessee. Sinise established his foundation in Tennessee after his role was most loved. Forrest GumpHe will be in constant contact with veteran servicemen and women. This foundation offers support, education, and encouragement for veterans, first responders, and their families. Sinise has been a fixture in California for more than ten years. It isn’t unusual to wake up in the mornings, turn on the local news, and see Sinise escorting families of a fallen first responder to Disneyland, or awarding scholarships to veterans, or holding a fundraiser.

California is not without its faults, but we have something to be proud of: The Gary Sinise Foundation.

Now it’s leaving, and taking with it a host of jobs, but even worse, the unique good will that has become its brand.

This is because of the state’s current mess. Perhaps, for now, there is enough wealth to sustain us. The tax rolls are kept rolling by the sheer number of people. God is the only one that can credit this, as He has provided beautiful weather and stunning landscapes.

California has the fifth-largest economy in the world, boasts our well-dressed governor. But that isn’t enough.

All that tax money doesn’t add up to prosperity when our policies and politicians consistently drive out the kindest people of California. While our current population can tolerate losing good businesses, it is not enough for us to withstand such a loss of people and their goodwill.

Generosity is harder to find than taxes.

It is not an economic loss for The Gary Sinise Foundation. They will be served just as well, perhaps better, from the rolling hills of Tennessee…but it is a massive loss for California, and a dire warning to our political class.

We are sending kindness from state to state via truckloads. Kindness is the key to prosperity.


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