Britney Spears’ Book Appears to Be a Victim of Supply Chain Woes – Opinion

Poor Britney!

We’ve reported about the ongoing, Biden administration supply chain crisis, which for months has impacted everyday items that families need like baby formula — now, the latest reports show that up to 30 percent of the products remain out of stock.

Since it’s the weekend, though, I reckoned there was room for something a little lighter for readers to chew on. There’s a new sign the bottlenecks are hurting admittedly less crucial products like celebrity memoirs, too, according to a story published Saturday by TMZ.


Britney Spears’ tell-all is finally completed, sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, but we’ve learned there’s a delay in releasing it and it all has to do with …. THE SUPPLY SHORTAGE

Sources close to Britney tell us … she recently wrapped up the dishy memoir, which is set to be published by Simon & Schuster. We’re told Britney and co. are aiming for a release date in January — but there’s a paper shortage that has upended the plan. …

A report from Publishers Weekly earlier this year pointed to a couple of major factors for the shortage — more people started ordering books during the pandemic, decreasing paper supply. There’s more — people walked off their manufacturing jobs at paper plants, causing an ongoing labor shortage.

TMZ also reported on a breaking story, when “….a judge in L.A. ruled earlier this week Britney will NOT have to sit for a deposition in her conservatorship case with her dad … a decision Jamie’s attorneys plan to appeal.” My colleague Brandon Morse wrote previously on the unsavory details of her father Jamie’s iron-grip during the conservancy of her millions–and how she could lead her day to day life.

Britney got married in June, which is a positive sign.

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