Reporter Mocked for Tweet About a Gun, ‘Which Fires If the Trigger Is Pulled’

“Not just any gun. A glock, which fires if the trigger is pulled.”

Roll Call political reporter Bridget Bowman took to Twitter early Wednesday to share news that an officer from Capitol Police had, once again, left a gun in the bathroom.

“A Capitol Police officer left a gun in a bathroom… again. And not just any gun. A glock, which fires if the trigger is pulled,” she tweeted.

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While attempting to explain the safety features unique to Glock pistols, the reporter instead described an action that is true of all firearms. Twitter commenters were quick to pounce on the mistake.

“I heard not just any other car, but a Ford, which moves faster if the gas pedal is pressed,” one user mused.

“Does the toilet flush when the handle is pulled?” another joked.

Even President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., joined the pile-on.

“OMG a gun that fires if the trigger is pulled!!!! I understand full well how a Glock works, I own a few, but this kind of sensationalism is why no one that actually understands guns can have a discussion with the other side. They don’t have a clue but want to make the rules,” Trump Jr. said.

Trump Jr.’s comments in particular echoed those of many proponents of the Second Amendment, who claim an informed debate with gun control advocates is impossible due to their lacking understanding of firearms.

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