Woman Calls 911 to Report ‘Drunk Driver’ – Police Arrest Her for DUI

A Utah woman called police to report a drunk driver: herself.

Breanna Dawn Hernandez, 32, reported the crime in mid-August while laughing and belching, Fox 61 reported.

According to a probable cause statement, she said she was following a drunk driver. But the description she gave a dispatcher for the alleged perpetrator matched her own. She also described her own vehicle as the one driven by the drunk driver she claimed to be tailing.

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Hernandez fled when she saw the officers that arrived on the scene in Woods Cross. Police caught up with and restrained Hernandez, who smelled of alcohol, according to court documents. A nearly empty bottle of Fireball whiskey was found in the car’s cup holder, ABC4 News reported.

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Authorities took Hernandez to nearby Lakeview Hospital, where she continued to struggle with officers, because they were concerned about her level of intoxication.

Hernandez faced a misdemeanor DUI charge. She was sentenced on Tuesday to 12 days in jail, fined $1260 and will be on probation for 12 months.

Breanna Dawn Hernandez and other criminals who busted themselves

Hernandez joins an ignominious list of criminals captured by law enforcement in inexplicable and sometimes comical fashion.

Last week, a Utah woman arrested for drug possession tried to fool police by impersonating her much younger daughter.

Washington state police said last month a man called to report the theft of his pickup truck – only for authorities to learn he’d been in the process of robbing a nearby business while his vehicle was stolen.

Also in August, Nassau County police revealed a man impersonating a police officer was busted after attempting to pull over a van full of detectives.

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And in July, a Missouri fugitive’s attempt to evade police was foiled after he let out a loud fart while hiding.

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