Missouri farting suspect gives away hiding spot to police.

Man Fleeing From Cops Finds Perfect Hiding Spot – Then He Unleashes a Loud Fart

A Missouri fugitive’s attempt to evade police was foiled after his own body betrayed him, police revealed this week.

According to a Tuesday Facebook post from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, officers with the Liberty Police Department were searching for an unidentified man who was wanted for possession of a controlled substance in Clay County.

While police were looking for the suspected felon, he farted so loudly police were easily able to locate his hiding spot, Fox 9 reported.

“If you’ve got a felony warrant for your arrest, the cops are looking for you and you pass gas so loud it gives up your hiding spot, you’re definitely having a ? day,” the sheriff’s office wrote in the post.

“We’ve gotta give props to Liberty PD for using their senses to sniff him out,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a subsequent comment.

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The official Liberty, MO Twitter account also joined in on the fun, thanking police for the smooth arrest.

“Thanks to @SheriffClayCo for airing out a wanted person’s dirty laundry and fanning the flames,” the tweet said. “The Liberty Police Department was surprised to see this incident slip out, which stinks for the arrestee. Fortunately, no one was injured during his arrest.”

Missouri farting suspect incident offers levity amid a contentious debate over policing

The story of the Missouri farting suspect follows a divisive national conversation over an alleged epidemic of systemic injustices in policing. Public attitudes toward police officers have shifted in recent years. In 2015, public confidence in police hit an all-time low, according to a 2017 Gallup survey. And while overall confidence levels have since recovered, minorities’ and liberals’ trust in law enforcement has continued to decline.

The negative sentiment was highlighted last week by police officers getting kicked out of an Arizona Starbucks because a customer felt “unsafe” in their presence.

In recent years, the existence of an epidemic of racially motivated and unlawful police killings of black men has become almost an article of faith in left-wing activist and intellectual circles.

A series of viral videos of shootings of black men, who have often turned out to be unarmed, has helped popularize the belief. So has former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to take a knee during the national anthem at NFL games to protest police brutality against African-Americans.

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At the same time, Black Lives Matter has become a major force in Democratic politics by advocating radical reforms to how black communities are policed, prosecuted and imprisoned. And the party’s presidential candidates, from Joe Biden to Sen. Kamala Harris of California, have seen their tough-on-crime records become a liability to their campaigns.

Nobody denies that the criminal justice system disproportionately affects the lives of black Americans. But it’s worth noting that the available data simply doesn’t bear out the notion that police are more eager to pull the trigger when they have a black man in their sights.

But if there’s one principle all Americans can agree on; He who smelt it, dealt it, or at least allegedly possessed narcotics.

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