BREAKING: Russia Today ‘Ceasing Production,’ to ‘Layoff’ All Staff

Following DirectTV’s pledge and execution on dropping the state-funded “news” station earlier this week, Russia Today (RT) told staff that they would experience a “permanent” “layoff” as the network “ceasing production” in a couple of months. This is according to Oliver Darcy of CNN Media Beat, who obtained an internal memo that announced the decision to staff.

In the memo, T&R Productions general manager Misha Solodovnikov informed their American-side propagandists they would be “ceasing production … as a result of unforeseen business interruption events.”

“Laid off employees will not have bumping rights, that is, the ability to use your seniority with T&R to remain employed by displacing another employee from his or her job,” the memo added.



Darcy deduced that “[t]he news would mean an effective end to RT America” as DirecTV and Roku have kicked dictator “Vladimir Putin’s main mouthpieces in the US” to the curb.

“RT America employees who worked from the Washington, DC, bureau were told on Wednesday that an all-staff meeting would occur on Thursday afternoon,” Darcy reported, detailing an account of the meeting from an anonymous attendee:

“The meeting was all about two minutes,” the attendee said, explaining that Solodovnikov told the assembled staff RT America would be stopping production and that staff would be provided two months of paid severance.

CNN was told by an anonymous attendee that it was somber.

“A lot of people were shocked,” the person said. “A lot of people were crying.”

Well, that’s what happens when you choose to work for a government-funded propaganda organization that tries to lie and spin war crimes.

On Monday, RT correspondent Murad Gazdiev asserted, without evidence, that Ukrainian soldiers were surrendering en masse and that citizens that were still fighting the Russian invasion (or “special operation” as the chyron said) were part of the “neo-Nazi battalions, a lie cooked up Putin.

He also claimed Russian forces were “making all efforts to avoid civilian casualties” and put a “ban on bombing or launching rockets and missiles” at civilian infrastructure and residential areas. Meanwhile, we see that they’re increasingly targeting civilian areas in an effort to break the resolve of Ukraine’s defenders.

And the lies kept coming, even when DirecTV shut down.

In their final hours, RT brought on former U.K. MP George Galloway to falsely claim Ukrainian officials “emptied all the prisons” and allowed every “prisoner,” “murderer,” and “rapist” to carry guns. “And some of these groups are killing each other in Kyiv,” he lied.

According to the memo, layoffs will take effect in full on May 3.

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